Apr 12, 2008


This week,Rwanda marks her genocide week.It was this week,'sometimes in April' 1994,when the devil went loose and found ready tools in the hearts and hands of men.Almost a million people mostly Tutsis and moderate Hutus,including innocent children were massacred in a killing orgy that has perfectly been duplicated in Dafur.Like it happened in Rwanda 14 years ago,the world is showing little or no interest in the horror that Sudan is visiting on the people of Dafur.

Sunday April 13th marks the Global day for Dafur with protesters in the world's major cities calling on the international community to take firm action to end this shameful crisis.Prominent world figures are throwing their weight behind this protest.UN's Ambassador,Actor George Clooney was quoted as saying:"Days like this matters because they keep what is happening in the eyes of the international community...if we all raise our voices,the international community will have to respond". Harry Porter's JK Rowling joined 13 other children book writers to make a plea on behalf of the children of Dafur.In an open letter signed by the writers,they demanded that:"The world needs to wake up.For too long it have let these children suffer.Our politicians need to act on Dafur". If only our politicians would be sincere to listen...

Apr 5, 2008


At last! The over rumoured and anticipated marriage of Millionaire Hip hop superster,Jay-Z and Beyonce Knowles has finally come to be.Just yesterday in Jay-Z's Tribeca's residence,New York, the couple tied the knot in a very quiet and private affair,witnessed by the likes of George Clooney,Oprah Winfrey,Chris Martins and Kelly Rowland.Jay-Z 38,Beyonce 26, have dated since 2002.They have been able to maintain a scandal free relationship all the way to this marriage.For these two stars,who have shone brilliantly in their solo efforts,marriage is sure a different tune entirely.Hoping that they will make things get much better.They can.

Apr 4, 2008


Today marks the fourtieth year,since American Civil Right activist,Dr Martin Luther King,was assasinated by James Earl Ray at the Lorraine Motel,Memphis,Tennessee.Originally named Micheal,before changing his name to Martin,He was a Baptist Pastor,like his Father.MLK Shot to prominence when he helped mobilise the Black boycott of the Montgomerry bus system in 1951.A die hard apostle of Mohatma Gandi's philosophy of non-violence,he ironically was silenced by violence.His 'I have a Dream' speech made on the steps of the Lincoln memorial,in 1963 still remain an undying anthem.Dr King was awarded the Nobel peace prize in 1964.His ideals which sought to promote the dignity of blacks,be them in the US,Britain,Africa or anywhere in the world, will forever live on.

Apr 3, 2008


Just learnt from OMOHEMI (www.omorere.blogspot.com) that London Buki's (www.buki81.blogspot.com) mum has passed on.The last time I was on Buki's blogsite I left a message with every hope that her sick mum was going to get well sooner than we all expected.However,like it is said:'The Lord knows best..'
To London Buki:Keep being strong.Mum is out there in heaven,safetly in the bossom of the good Lord.


The good news filtering out of Zimbabwe is that 'Eternal ruler' Robert Mugabe is fast losing grip of power and it is only a matter of time,his over three decades reign as Zimbawe's leader will become history.Our very own Orikinla Osinachi(http://www.kissesandroses.blogspot.com/) ,like the famed Nostradamus, foresaw this in a book he aptly titled 'Bye Bye Mugabe'.Bob's party,ZANU PF has lost control of the house of parliament,for the first time since 1980,when Zimbabwe,formerly Rhodesia,attained independence.The opposition MDC led by the dogged Morgan Tsvangrai,is already claiming victory in the presidential elections.Reports have it that the 84 years old Mugabe have not been seen in public since the elections.He must be licking his wounds.Truth is:Mugabe is worn out.Zimbabwe is in dire need of new direction.Mugabe has gotten to the end of the road.