Sep 16, 2010


Nigerians can be fanatically crazy about clubs in the English Premier League. On weekends you get to hear die-hard fans in the streets of Lagos,Owerri or Kaduna referring to Chelsea FC as ''our club'' or dorning a complete all red outfit of Manchester United or Arsenal or blue colours of Chelsea.Last Saturday I encountered this pretty girl who punctuated every of her speech with ''our players..our coach...our team..will win the Premier League cup.'' I was almost getting infurated with her posing.I asked her:''Excuse me,which one be your club wey you no wan let person hear word so?'' ''Ah so you dont know my club,even from my complete to match blue dressing? Anyway,to save you the stress,My club is Chelsea-GUNNERS FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!". Did i hear her well? She repeated the words again ''My club is Chelsea-GUNNERS FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!''. Hmmmmm?I just shook my head. So many of us don't even know the clubs we are fanatical about.When I first heard of Drogba was when he moved to Chelsea.I was in Aba,Abia state then. I thought the guy was an Igbo boy because everybody was just calling him 'Idurogba''.