May 25, 2008


Come May 29th,Nigeria and her politicians will be clinking glasses in celebration of Democracy Day.The politicians, and not the generality of the citizens, have every reason to celebrate. Democracy in Nigerian context means the transformation of elected and selected public servants into mega millionaires at the expense of the yearnings of the masses.Nigerians just keep asking if our own brand of Democracy is not a curse.We have gropped in the dark for so long and right to this point we have not made a headway.The greatest enemy and obstacle to the much mouted 'dividends of Democracy' is corruption.Official corruption is holding Nigeria back.Monies that ought to have been used to provide and develop basic infrastructures find their ways into individual pockets and nobody gives a damn. Nothing happens.The average Nigerian is heavily weighed down by the burden imposed on him by inept and selfish leadership.As our political office holders get set to celebrate another 'Democracy Day' which will be characterised by self congratulatory speeches and squandering of the commonwealth even when it is so glaring that such acclaimed achievements are lies,let them spare a moment to reflect on these words of Anne Paton:
''...I see only one hope for
our country and that is when....
men..desiring neither power nor
money,but desiring only the good
of their country come together to work for it ''

May 22, 2008


The tragic xenophobic violence that has overtaken some parts of South Africa is very disgusting and embarassing.As of the last count,22 people have been killed since last week when this orgy started.Armed mobs are roaming the poor township of Reiger Park settlement and Ramaphosa area of Johannesbourg,attacking immigrants mostly from neighbouring Zimbabwe.I have seen gory pictures of helpless people set alight after they have been thoroughly beaten.Even the intervention of the Police doesn't seem to in any way help matters.These guys in South Africa are 'beasts' on the loose.It is hoped that the recent deployment of tha SA Army will finally quell the violence. Unconfirmed report say that some Nigerians have been attacked and even killed.
It is quite ironic that this same people to whom much was done to bring about their liberation from Apartheid by other African countries,could now turn around and start attacking them with the aim of chasing them away from SA.Come to think of it-the 2010 FIFA World Cup to be hosted by SA is about two years away.If the South Africans cant stand their brotherly blacks,what will they then do or not do ,to whites or better,non-blacks?

May 21, 2008


I can still hear the wild jubilations as Manchester fans here are celebrating the victory of the club at the Champions league final in Moscow.Good for them.My Chelsea friends are sad.But how could Didier Drogba lost his cool so easily as to slap Nemanja Vidic right in the presence of the Referee? That was bad.


How come most Nigerians are so hardworking,yet things are never getting any better for them? This question is not begging for any answer.The system have long abandoned all of us to our various fates.
I took these pictures during my recent visit to Owerri,Imo state.I met the woodcarver and the metal scrap seller busy under the scorching afternoon sun.They exuded so much pride in the execution of their businesses.That is the typical Nigerian spirit.Resillience meets contentment.Little wonder one international survey conducted some years back concluded that Nigerians are among the happiest people on earth.Fela Anikulapo Kuti reffered to this as 'suffering and smiling'.


Today,the attention of the football loving world will all be focused on the Luzhniki Stadium,Moscow,where Chelsea will battle Manchester United in an all English Champions league final.It promises to be a cracker as both teams are just the two very best in the world this moment.But, one thing would have made my joy complete- the wish that the mecurial bundle of talent,Kanu Nwankwo would be featuring in either of the sides.Nothing has endeared me so much to him than his patriotic zeal to his fatherland.Kanu is a proud Nigerian,anytime,anyday.Check out his 'Atilogwu' dance steps after scoring the winning goal against Cardiff in last weekend's FA Cup finals in Wembley-It was impressive.The 'I LOVE NIGERIA' inscription on his black T-shirt as he joined other players to parade the Cup brought so much pride to many Nigerians.Kanu is a national phenomenon.He has represented us so well,both in and out of the field.To a great patriotic son of Nigeria,I say 'well done'!

May 20, 2008


A friend sent me the above picture in a recent E-mail titled:'ONE SOLID REASON TO THANK GOD FOR YOUR JOB!!!' The content of the mail was thought provoking:
I actually saw them that day at Ikeja(Lagos)....I was amazed!!
No,it was not a political rally,nor a refugee camp...
It was very much a 'Nigerian thing'.
It is the picture of job applicants scrambling to write an employment test into a new
generation bank somewhere in Opebi-Ikeja,Lagos.
Police had to disperse the mammoth crowd with teargas.

What have you got to say?

May 17, 2008


On thursday afternoon I received an SMS about a pipeline explosion in Ijegun area of Lagos.I couln't help exclaiming 'pipeline explosion again!'After all the series of fuel related tragedies and carnages,I thought we have had the last of this horrible tradgedy.What is most disturbing is that everyday,we see disasters just waiting to happen.Nothing is done about them,both before and after such incidents.Even God knows that our roads and airspacec are death knells only waiting to be sounded.Our emergency responses are as ridiculous as no body gives a damn.When will human life gets it deserved worth in Nigeria?After today,the Ijegun disaster is swept to the back page.We await another disaster to happen.The same cycle is followed.God,Nigeria is sick!


Sometimes this week,women in Burkina Fasso took on the street to protest the rising cost of living in that country.They went into the streets of Ouagadouguo,banging empty plates and pots.The food crisis is affecting Nigerians badly too.I only wonder when Nigerians will drop this cloak of 'suffering in silence'.The women are worst affected.They understand the very meaning of 'rising cost of living'.

May 14, 2008


Oh my God! I have been out of Blogging for over a month.Never my intention.Some internet Server related problems kept me incommunicado.I really missed not doing this blogging thing all this while.I am just hoping that nothing will ever keep me off again.