May 20, 2008


A friend sent me the above picture in a recent E-mail titled:'ONE SOLID REASON TO THANK GOD FOR YOUR JOB!!!' The content of the mail was thought provoking:
I actually saw them that day at Ikeja(Lagos)....I was amazed!!
No,it was not a political rally,nor a refugee camp...
It was very much a 'Nigerian thing'.
It is the picture of job applicants scrambling to write an employment test into a new
generation bank somewhere in Opebi-Ikeja,Lagos.
Police had to disperse the mammoth crowd with teargas.

What have you got to say?

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Pink-satin said...

a blogger actually has posted this picture up a while back...i mean they look lke they are at an obama rally!!!lol...i wonder how the peopls will select candidates from that mob!really thank God for your job!