May 22, 2008


The tragic xenophobic violence that has overtaken some parts of South Africa is very disgusting and embarassing.As of the last count,22 people have been killed since last week when this orgy started.Armed mobs are roaming the poor township of Reiger Park settlement and Ramaphosa area of Johannesbourg,attacking immigrants mostly from neighbouring Zimbabwe.I have seen gory pictures of helpless people set alight after they have been thoroughly beaten.Even the intervention of the Police doesn't seem to in any way help matters.These guys in South Africa are 'beasts' on the loose.It is hoped that the recent deployment of tha SA Army will finally quell the violence. Unconfirmed report say that some Nigerians have been attacked and even killed.
It is quite ironic that this same people to whom much was done to bring about their liberation from Apartheid by other African countries,could now turn around and start attacking them with the aim of chasing them away from SA.Come to think of it-the 2010 FIFA World Cup to be hosted by SA is about two years away.If the South Africans cant stand their brotherly blacks,what will they then do or not do ,to whites or better,non-blacks?


Orikinla Osinachi. said...

Most of us suffer from amnesia, so these lunatic fringe elements who went on rampage in South Africa to attack and kill their fellow African brothers and sisters in their so called revolt against illegal immigrants have forgotten how the frontline states came to their rescue when they were at the mercy of their racist White masters in the Apartheid era.
I was actively supporting the Women's Wing of the African National Congress in the early 1980s.

We are our own worst enemies.

God save Africa from Africans.

sed said...

Animals indeed!now I clearly understand why the former Aparthied regime acted agressively against this animals.They clearly forgotten the help of african brothers during those dark days.I think after all these barbaric south africans, who set fire on people need an apartied regime.
don't blame african brothers for the lack of progress in your stupid country;blame your self and your corrupted government.

Anonymous said...

This is terribly sad and unfortunte, especially in this now rainbow nation that prides itself on being incredibly integrated post apartheid.

I found this too:

Anonymous said...

I think it's highly hypocritical of some other Africans to use expletives when seeking to sweep everybody in South Africa under one umbrella with people that are perpetrating these horrific deeds...hypocritical because even as we speak the whole continent save for south Africa, is engulfed in a carnage the likes of which history has never experienced before....Can I mention Somalia, Ethiopia, Burundi, Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal, uganda, Congo, Eritrea, Sudan, and lastly but not least, Rwanda of course!!! It's hard to forget the indelible images of Ghanias fleeing en masse from the savage and brutal attacks by murderous native Nigerian mobs barely 3 decades ago!!! I don't recall any South African using unacceptable and condescending terms like "animals", "white masters" as some of my eloquent posters have sought to describe each and every south African...Believe me if all of us felt the same as this clique that has taken to the streets, not a single foreigner will be left in South Africa as we speak...The moral of the story is choose your words wisely and let emotions and passions not rule your power of reason before your blurt out and hurl insults at every citizen of my country...Some of you have been independent for half a century, but your countries have regressed instead of progressed!! millions of citizenry have been butchered in these so called model African countries by their fellow black "brothers and sisters"....These countries have turned Africa into a laughing stock for the whole globe...The sad thing is they never learn!! 42 deaths are tragic...but this number pales in comparison to the millions butchered in the Nigerian "civil" war; or the killing fields of Uganda and Burundi...During the dark days of apartheid not even a paltry 50,000 of our compatriots left the country!!! Now, today South Africa is flooded by millions...The state just simply does not have enough infrastructure nor resource to deal with colossal influx of unskilled labour!!