May 21, 2008


Today,the attention of the football loving world will all be focused on the Luzhniki Stadium,Moscow,where Chelsea will battle Manchester United in an all English Champions league final.It promises to be a cracker as both teams are just the two very best in the world this moment.But, one thing would have made my joy complete- the wish that the mecurial bundle of talent,Kanu Nwankwo would be featuring in either of the sides.Nothing has endeared me so much to him than his patriotic zeal to his fatherland.Kanu is a proud Nigerian,anytime,anyday.Check out his 'Atilogwu' dance steps after scoring the winning goal against Cardiff in last weekend's FA Cup finals in Wembley-It was impressive.The 'I LOVE NIGERIA' inscription on his black T-shirt as he joined other players to parade the Cup brought so much pride to many Nigerians.Kanu is a national phenomenon.He has represented us so well,both in and out of the field.To a great patriotic son of Nigeria,I say 'well done'!

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Orikinla Osinachi. said...

Kanu Nwankwo is God sent to Nigeria.

I am very proud of him.