May 31, 2009


Yesterday,30th May 2009 at Spikes TV 2009 'Guys Choice' award held at Sony Studios,Los Angeles,Hollywoods hottest all-time actress, Halle Berry was honoured with the Decade of hotness award.
She actually displayed her 'hotness' when she engaged Jammie Foxx,who presented the award to her, in a passionate and somewhat provocative lips kissing,with Jammie giving her a hard squeeze on her buttocks.She responded by grabbing Jammie's crotch! Her fans felt this was quite too far.She should have handled herself a bit more better and maturedly.

May 29, 2009


Watched Nobel Laureate,Professor Wole Soyinka on Mo Abudu's Moments With Mo on DStv's African Magic channel. It was the vintage Wole Soyinka. I couldn't help laughing my ribs out when asked by Mo to rate the Nigerian former President,Olusegun Obasanjo as a student of his. The Prof. replied that ''Obasanjo was a complete failed student!''He even added something like He (Obasanjo) needing a Psychiatrist, with the Psychiatrist's result having to be thoroughly examined and analysed by another senior Psychiatrist,before it can be duly considered. Haba, Prof.! This is sounding like the case of Mad Men and Specialist.

May 28, 2009


Guest artiste,Sonny Bobo of the 'Sonny Bobo' music fame thrilling guests

Some Guests at the event .

Nollywood's Star,Victor Osuagwu

Sonny Bobo ......performing

A cross section of guests

I had great fun this evening when Nigeria's Telecoms giant MTN fetted its staff and customers to a 'Social evening in Owerri',an event of entertainment and relaxation held at All Seasons Hotel,Owerri. According to a top Marketing Executive of the company,the social evening was ''essentially brand positioning and values evening aimed at bringing product information,offerings and benefits.''.Commenting further,she said ''By creating this atmosphere of camaraderie and care which is largely targeted at our customers and potential ones,we intend to grow enormous goodwill,brand affinity and bonding.''
Guest Musician at the event was 'Old skool highlife exponent' Sonny Bobo of the Sonny Bobo 'looking yash,killing goat' fame performed tracks from his hit album,Uduakpuenyi.Also,Nollywood star actor ,Victor Osuagwu was at the show. Prominent MTN Trade partners and dealers in Owerri graced the show too,along with a good number of MTN staff from the Eastern regional office led by the Regional Marketing Officer.It was indeed an evening of fun.

May 9, 2009


Champions For Nigeria Meeting & Barbeque
All Champions all over the world are invited, but we know many live outside the UK, however, if you happen to be in London, we will be glad to see you. We will also use the Occasion to discuss our next BIG PROJECT, which is already in the pipeline.
Date:August 1st, 2009, 2pm
Location:London, UK
Address:31 Solomons Passage Peckham Rye London SE15 3UH
Special thanks to Akintokunbo Adejumo,the Global Coordinator for Champions For Nigeria for this invitation.


Took these pictures when Prof. Chinua Achebe featured on CNN's African voices.He was interviewed by 'our own' Lola Ogunnaike.Apart from his writings,another thing that thrills so much me about Achebe,is his voice. Age has not affected the emotion in the old man's voice. I remember back in the days when I always had a Cassette ready so as to ensure that I record his interviews or talks on BBC Radio or Voice Of America.

May 3, 2009


The month of April was indeed fun. I tried being here and there trying to catch up with one thing or the other.I had wedding invitations from two of my real good friends,Amaka Anyanwu and Lawrence Omadiaga to attend.I couldn't just find any reason not to. Amaka had her traditional wedding at Inyishi,in Ikeduru Local Government Area of Imo state,Eastern Nigeria.She got married to Pharmacist Emeka Osegbo.
Lawrence 'Lawrenzo' Omadiaga took beautiful Irene Usifo to the Altar at Mother The Reedeemer Catholic Church, Warri,Delta State,Mid-western Nigeria. The happy pictures tells the rest of the story.
I wish my friends blissful married lives.


I had some swell time at Ogbona,Etsako Central Local Government Area of Edo State,Mid-western Nigeria during the last Easter watching the best of Anvwianwu Masquerade dance popularly called Illo.The masquerades were so colorful and a real beauty to behold.Ogbona and Etsako land in general have a very rich dance and music culture. Ogbona is home to Etsako leading music stars,Chief Benji Igbadumhe,Late 'General' Bolivia Osigbemhe and Young Constantinople Bolivia,who has very well taking over leadership of his late father's (Gen.Bolivia) band.


''We make a living by what we get,
we make a life by what we give.''
-Sir Winston Churchill
The pictures above were taken during my recent visit to Ogbona town,in Etsako Central Local Government area of Edo state,Mid-western Nigeria.Ever since God created the world this community has been utterly neglected by successive corrupt governments.Lacking in all basic infrastructures, the community resigned itself to fate. But not for Mr Peter Odior Dunia,a young Oil magnet and CEO Of Oceanwave Marine Oil and Gas Limited,who single-handedly asphalt tarred all the major roads and streets of about 15km in the community with proper drainages to go along.
Today,Ogbona is a far cry from the red dust and mud that always welcome its visitors before.The town is wearing a new look and you can see the feelings right in the face of the town's people,all because one young man decided to make a difference in his community.In these times where most wealthy Nigerians are so self centered,Peter Dunia could have used that money to buy himself a private Jet,an out-of-this-world car,or build a one-in-town Million Dollar Mansion.
On the 7th of March 2009,Adams Oshiomhole was in Ogbona to commission the roads constructed by Peter Dunia.I wonder what was going through his mind then because as sure as death,like his predecessors,tarring roads in communities like Ogbona would have been the last thing on his mind.
As stated in the road commissioning plaque,the road project was embarked upon as part of Oceanwave's ''corporate social responsibility to the society'' and also '' the Glory of God and the use of the people of Ogbona and its environs.'' Ogbona people are happier for it and Peter Dunia richer, as all the people I met out there are so full of praises and prayers for him. May God bless him real good.