Jan 28, 2009


Mrs Nkem and her mother at a press briefing in December 1998
The Houston's 'Octuplets' marking their tenth birthday recently

''Just Enjoy it.''

Those were the words of advise Mrs Nkem Chukwu sent out to the mother of the recently delivered octuplets at the Kaiser Permanente Bellflower Medical centre in Califonia.All eight babies-six boys and two girls are reported to be in good health.

Ten years ago,Nkem Chukwu,a Nigerian-American citizen,then 27-years-old,delivered eight babies-six girls and two boys, to become the mother of what was believed to be America's first live-born octoplets in St Luke's Episcopal Hospital,Houston,Texas.However,the smallest of the babies named Odera died some days later.All the kids were given traditional Igbo names.The seven surviving siblings recently celebrated their 10th birthday.

Jan 26, 2009


When gifted Nigerian midfield star player John Mikel Obi was missing from action as Chelsea FC took on Ipswich in the FA Cup match on Saturday,little did most of his fans knew that it was because the guy has 'committed'.

As early as 5:30am on that day,Police charged him for suspected drink-driving.The 21 year-old will appear in court on April 3rd at West London.If he is lucky he will be fined and banned for driving for a year.If not,he will be sentenced to a jail term.

This is not how to be a role model and a worthy ambassador out there.I hope he gets out of this.

Jan 25, 2009


26-years-old Jason Wu..designed Michelle's inaugural ball gown

It took two just two outings and the whole world,especially the women and fashion magazines and blogs,have not stopped talking about her stunning and stylish outfits.She epitomized raw black beauty and confidence on the day her husband stole the world's attention.The collarless dress and coat and the one shouldered draped white chiffon gown won over many hearts.She was captivating in them.
Now,as the clouds over the inauguration settles and Michelle getting set to take up her dual role as America's mom-in-chief and community Activist-in-chief,are we still going to see more of those superb dresses?I hope so.
''Mrs Obama's look is not an avant-garde look.She is a professional woman.Natural and polished.''-Ingrid Grimes-Myles,Michelle Obama's make up artist.
What I cherish most about Michelle is her humility.This has seen her throwing up relatively unsung duo of youthful fashion designers into prominence.47 year-old Cuban American Isabel Toledo and 26 year old Taiwan born Jason Wu who designed the dresses Michelle wore to the inauguration and the ball respectively are now celebrities of sort and much sought after designers.


The very moment I first sighted my idol, Prof. Patrick Okedikachi Utomi at the venue of the 2009 Ahiajoku Lecture in Owerri,I was overwhelmed with a mixed feeling of admiration and disappointment.Admiration of the noble achievements of this man and disapointment on how Nigeria has not benefitted from the enormous potentials and patriotic commitements of this man.
Right from when Prof Utomi indicated his interest in participating in the cenre-stage of Nigerian politics,I told all who cared to listen that if given the opportunity this is one man who has the sincere zeal and intellectual endowment to change the destiny of this country for good.
Even before Obama,Utomi was.But,like the biblical prophet, he is not honoured here.The corrupt political system here prefers to spring up crooks instead of patriots.The country and her citizens remain worse off for it.
It is our collective responsibility to confront and challenge this political rot that has bedevilled Nigeria and bring about the so much desired change. For this to happen,we must give the 'Obamas' in our midst a chance.
Prof. Pat Utomi..gird your loins,once again.Dust up My manifesto and Why we must restore Nigeria.
We must not fail!


"Several studies have clearly indicated that when women are well educated, the entire society benefits positively in overall standard of living. The dehumanisation of our women through acts such as wife-beating, funeral rites that take away the dignity of our mothers, wives, sisters and daughters must be abolished,"
-Professor Chinua Achebe,speaking at the first World Confrence on Igbo civilization in a lecture titled ''A harvest of Ideas from Achebe to Ndi Igbo'',held in Owerri, yesterday.

Jan 24, 2009


Just early this morning the sad news filtered out that 20 years old Brazilian model, Mariana Bridi de costa who had her dreams of becoming a world top model puntuated by a strange illness, has lost her agonising battle to live.She was cut short by a deadly but little known disease called septicemia which led to her hands and legs being amputated while parts of her stomach and kidneys were extracted.She has been in coma for over 10 days,only breathing through a respirator.
''She told me she was praying to stay alive,that she still had a lot to do on this earth,and that she wanted to go on with her plans.''-Thiago Simoes,Miriana's fiance
Last year,Miriana placed 6th in the Miss Bikini International competition in China.She took first place in the ''Best in swimsuit'' category.She had earlier emerged fourth in the contest to become Brazil's representative to the 2008 Miss World Pageant.She had already signed a modelling contract with Dilson Stein,who is reported to have brought some Brazilian models to international notice.
''All the agencies were very interested in knowing her.I know for a fact that they would have loved her because Mariana is beautiful.''-Dilson Stein,International Model scout.
Death,be not proud!

Jan 23, 2009


The Robbery or 'Goatery' suspect

Police parade goat as robbery suspect

*For attempting to ‘steal’ a Mazda car
It was a shocking sight yesterday as men of the Kwara State Police Command paraded a goat as an armed robbery suspect.

The goat "robbery suspect"The goat "suspect" is being detained over an alleged attempt to snatch a Mazda car. The mysterious goat, according to the Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. Tunde Mohammed, while briefing bewildered journalists at the Force headquarters, is an armed robber who attempted to snatch the said car, Wednesday night, and later transformed into the goat in a bid to escape arrest.
He explained that men of a vigilance group in Anifowose Ipata/Oloje areas of the state capital had chased two armed robbery suspects who wanted to demobilise the Mazda car with the intention of stealing it, and
"while one of them escaped, the other was about to be apprehended by the team when he turned his back on the wall and turned to this goat. They quickly grabbed the goat and here it is.’’ Mohammed said.
The police spokesman said the goat "armed robbery suspect" will not be left off the hook until investigations into the case are concluded.
He also said that no fewer than five stolen vehicles have been recovered by the state Police Command while some suspects were also arrested. Among those arrested, he said was one Idowu Oni of Araromi area of Akure who escaped from Akure Prison.
He added that the escaped convict was arrested in Ilorin after stealing a Mazda 323 car belonging to Mrs. Henrietta Ayijesu.
He also said another armed robbery and rape suspect was in their custody, assuring that the suspects will soon appear in court.

Story culled from Vanguard


Prof. Pat Utomi answering questions from Journalists at the venue
Waitin for Prof. Achebe to alight from his special vehicle

From 9:30 am this morning,I was at The Cenotaph,Concorde Boulevard,Owerri where world reknowned scholar and literary Icon Professor Chinua Achebe was to deliver the key lecture at the 2009 edition of the annual Ahiajoku Lectures.Up till 1:00pm,the event had not commenced.It was only about that time that the Special vehicle conveying Achebe entered the venue.From there,the overzealous security officers took over in an attempt to show strenght and 'eye-service'.While we were waiting to take snapshots of Achebe as he alighted from his vehicle,Some Police officers threatened to confisticate our cameras if we took shots.Haba!! I smelt trouble.Having other schedules to catch up with,I quietly left,dissapointedly.

Jan 22, 2009


With Obama's sister Maya(l) and Michelle's mum,Marian Robinson(r)
Beanie Baby dolls made after Malia and Sasha

At the inauguration

''These are the things I want for you-to grow up in a world with no limits on your dreams and no achievements beyond your reach,and to grow into compassionate committed women who will help build the world.And I want every child to have the same chances to learn and dream and grow and thrive that you girls have.That's why I've taken our family on this great adventure.''
- Extract from Obama's Letter to his daughters.
''Just go.Four years goes by so fast,so absorb it all,enjoy it all.
Surround yourself with loyal friends.They'll protect and calm you and join in on some of the fun and appreciate the history.If you ever need a hug,go find Ramsey,if you want to talk football,look for Buddy.And,if you just need a smile,look for 'Smiley'.
...cherish your animal because sometimes you'll need the quiet comfort that only animals can provide.
Many will think they know your father,but they have no idea of how he felt on your first day at school or how much you love being his daughters.
So here is our most important piece of advice-remember who your dad really is!''
-Extract from a letter to Obama daughters by Babara and Jeanna Bush

Jan 21, 2009


The Literary Giant...

The Cenotaph,Cocorde Boulevard,Venue of the lecture.

Billboards..heralding the landing of the Eagle on the Iroko

Come January 23rd 2008,the world will shift its focus from America and Obamania to The platform of The Cenotaph,Concorde Boulevard,Owerri,Eastern Nigeria where the literary sage and world acclaimed writer,Author and speaker,Professor Chinua Achebe will deliver the Key lecture at the 2009 Ahiajoku Lecture in a climax of events at the Festival of Igbo civilization.The theme of this year's lecture is :Igbo Intellectualism And Development.
Owerri is already agog for this historic event. Meanwhile,Achebe is already talking in what looks like a tip of what to expect on Friday:

''I have not come to make a presentation. I have come to say thank you. That is fairly the reason for my being here. I was taken aback, astonished at the kindly disposition of my people to me. It is not because of any great achievement. It is simply that you want to say, this is our brother. And that is what I want to say also to you. You are my brothers and sisters. I have been away too long, for reasons you know and might not. But it has been so important for me to make this visit. I have changed my coming, well, 200 times, and yesterday, it was touch and go. I am happy to see you. I want to tell you to continue doing the good work" because "the business of journalism is good work that is how I view it. Do good work and you won't go wrong".

"I must express very profound disappointment with what is happening on the African continent concerning elections and concerning succession. Right here in Africa, we still have not learnt, that unless you have a process that makes succession easy and even friendly so that opponents can smile at each other, unless we get there, we still have a very long way to go. Politics is not warfare.
"We have to be convinced; we have to be really determined to make Nigeria work",

You don't retire from writing, you continue writing until you bow down. If you are really a writer and you are alive, don't look forward to a pension, there are some young people who think the older ones should retire, that is not the way it is done. Young, old, medium, we all have work, don't give up writing, and don't give up the idea because that is your calling. I do have a new book coming out and when it comes out, you will see it".
I am enthsiastically looking forward to be a witness of this historic occassion.I took the above pictures with my new Sony DSC-S750 Cyber-shot .

Jan 20, 2009



Like so many,I am waiting for that great historic moment when Barack Obama will finally take the oath of office as the 44th President of the United States of America.
We just keep praying that Obama succeeds.

Jan 5, 2009


Innocence.fantasty.Ignorance.These three words can best describe the attempt by two German kids,from the city of Hanover- Mika(6 years old) and his sweetheart, Anna-Bell (5 years old) to elope to Africa and get wedded under the beauty of the African sun after watching a nature TV documentary on Africa.
The 'Couple' who had sneaked out of their parents homes on New Year's eve taking along with them Mika's Seven -Year- old sister,Anna-Lena, to be a witness to the wedding,packed bags with summer clothes,toys with provision and walked almost a kilometre to board a tram to Hanover train station before a suspicious Station guard alerted the police.
Anna-Bell told a German Television station in an interview that:'We wanted to get married and so we just thought;'Let's go there.' ''According to Mika ''We wanted to take the train to the Airport,then we wanted to get on a plane and when we arrived we wanted to unpack the summer things and then we wanted to go for a bit of a stroll in the sun.''
The kids who didn't let their parents know about their plans thought they would not be gone for long.
The trio hadn't travelling passports or money.They were pictured at the Hanover Police station beaming smiles that kind of say: 'we don't give a damn about what you think of us.We just love ourselves...Africa,we shall still come visiting...'
Kids!! Where on earth did they know they were they going to in Africa?Just imagine if they had landed in DR Congo, Zimbabwe Or elsewhere in Africa;face-to-face with the typical African kids to whom poverty, hunger,war and death have become usual companions-would they have still admired Africa the way they did that inspired their attempted eloping?

A 44-year-old Australian woman,Rajini Narayan who allegedly doused her husband's genitals with Methylated spirit and set him alight while the poor man was sleeping in December last year,after she suspected that he was having an affair, told a court that :
''I am a jealous wife,his penis should belong to me,I just wanted to burn his penis so it didn't belong to any one else.Its just his penis I wanted to burn...''
Rajini Narayan whose 47-year-old husband,Satish, died on December 27 after suffering burns to 85% of his body, appeared in Adelaide Magistrate court yesterday where she is facing an upgraded charge of murder. This was one anger taken too far.The magistrate has ordered a psychiatric assesment of the woman.A neighbour who visited Rajini in the Adelaide Womens Prison talked about a now sober Rajini who would have ''wanted her husband to live more than anything''.She was reported to have said:''..I didn't mean this to happen.''

Jan 3, 2009


2008 was a year of so many wasted opportunities for Africa. Poor leadership,poverty,corruption and political conflicts/wars largely undermined the continent in the past year.It is hoped that in this new year African leaders will rise to the occassion and give the continent a more purposeful direction.Africans have suffered enough.

Arise Africa!

P.S:Special thanks to ace Cartoonist Tayo Fatunla for giving me permission to use the above picture from his website.You can check him up here.


Good news emerging from Ghana is that Prof. Atta Mills of the opposition National Democratic Congress won 50.23% in a very tight run-off to emerge the next president of Ghana.This development from Ghana is surely a nice way for Africa to set year 2009 rolling.It is hoped that other countries will follow the exemplary way the Ghanaians went about this elections.And for Attah Mills,this is an opportunity to better the commendable achievements of incumbent President John Kuffor.
With Attah's political credentials of being Ghana's Vice-president between 1997 and January 2001 and twice after then lost to President John Kuffor in 2001 and 2004,the man look poised to deliver.
Akwaaba ''The Prof''!

Jan 1, 2009


Thank God we made it into the New Year.
Thank God My Blog is a year and a day old today.Hmmm,see how time flies!
Lots of thanks to all living in this space of ours called Bloggosphere.Sheer adventurism brought me into blogging.I have now found in it an unquencheable passion.These seems to be the very best moments.With an array of interesting Bloggers,varying in styles,contents and all that,I can't wish to be elsewhere.
I must confess that I am still a toddler here.Still learning to crawl the ropes.One good thing here is that you just keep learning and growing everyday.Even when you fall (oops!),you dust up and move on.Times there are,when like a lost kid in need of direction,you stand looking out for the next outstretched helping hands.Or like the proverbial Lizard that fell from the heights,you give yourself the part when nobody does.
As a Blogger,you must cross paths with or depend on other bloggers.You can't be in this space all alone.There have been some real nice Bloggers who have given me all the support and encouragement to get to this point.I am greatly motivated by the encouragement I always get from this very special Angel in the form of Standtall-The Activist.She is such a great inspiration not just to me but to a whole lot of us here.For this and so much more I say: THANKS!!!
Year 2009 is going to be a much exciting experience.