Jan 24, 2009


Just early this morning the sad news filtered out that 20 years old Brazilian model, Mariana Bridi de costa who had her dreams of becoming a world top model puntuated by a strange illness, has lost her agonising battle to live.She was cut short by a deadly but little known disease called septicemia which led to her hands and legs being amputated while parts of her stomach and kidneys were extracted.She has been in coma for over 10 days,only breathing through a respirator.
''She told me she was praying to stay alive,that she still had a lot to do on this earth,and that she wanted to go on with her plans.''-Thiago Simoes,Miriana's fiance
Last year,Miriana placed 6th in the Miss Bikini International competition in China.She took first place in the ''Best in swimsuit'' category.She had earlier emerged fourth in the contest to become Brazil's representative to the 2008 Miss World Pageant.She had already signed a modelling contract with Dilson Stein,who is reported to have brought some Brazilian models to international notice.
''All the agencies were very interested in knowing her.I know for a fact that they would have loved her because Mariana is beautiful.''-Dilson Stein,International Model scout.
Death,be not proud!

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Truly sad, thanks for stopping by my blog.How you de.