Jan 25, 2009


26-years-old Jason Wu..designed Michelle's inaugural ball gown

It took two just two outings and the whole world,especially the women and fashion magazines and blogs,have not stopped talking about her stunning and stylish outfits.She epitomized raw black beauty and confidence on the day her husband stole the world's attention.The collarless dress and coat and the one shouldered draped white chiffon gown won over many hearts.She was captivating in them.
Now,as the clouds over the inauguration settles and Michelle getting set to take up her dual role as America's mom-in-chief and community Activist-in-chief,are we still going to see more of those superb dresses?I hope so.
''Mrs Obama's look is not an avant-garde look.She is a professional woman.Natural and polished.''-Ingrid Grimes-Myles,Michelle Obama's make up artist.
What I cherish most about Michelle is her humility.This has seen her throwing up relatively unsung duo of youthful fashion designers into prominence.47 year-old Cuban American Isabel Toledo and 26 year old Taiwan born Jason Wu who designed the dresses Michelle wore to the inauguration and the ball respectively are now celebrities of sort and much sought after designers.


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Michelle Obama, he he he don't mess with her and fashion.lol She truly is one humble, intelligent yet fashion madam.lol I am happy for her.