Jan 18, 2008


Saw some very disturbing pictures from Kenya.They spoke volumes.Kenya,the Kenya of Ngugi wa'Thiongo's Weep Not Child is at war with itself,killing and devouring its own all in the name of electoral violence. One particular picture of a young boy who was obviously screaming on sighting a Policeman was quite captivating. See the fear and pain in the innocent Boy's eyes.I kept wondering what must have happened to the poor child.(Hope he wasn't tortured or killed?You never can tell with all these trigger happy Zombies African leaders readily deploy to quel demonsrations.) I watched on BBC how a ruthless Kenyan policeman gunned down an unarmed protester and went ahead to kick the felled dying man.God,why is life so worthless in Africa?


I am bound to this land by blood
That's why my vision is blurred...
I smell the sweat of its men...
I have seen pain engraved on the foreheads of many
I have heard their agony
I have cried so often with broken men...
I have heard the wailings of a million
I have stood on the crowd where men
Mixed their sweat and wiped blood
From their brows cursing silently...
I bear the mark of the mases on my brow...
If I lend a tiny voice to
The rustles of this crowd
Its because I am bound to this land...
I am tethered to their moan they are my own
I belong with they who have no voice

-Olu Oguibe
A Gathering Fear
Till this moment,I am yet to come across any other lines of poetry that aptly captures the hopeless pains of the Nigerian masses and the frustration of a patriot,like in the quoted poetry text of Oguibe.The strong emotional bond and commitement between the Poet and those he represents is runs very deep. The significance of this poem manifests itself against the backdrop of our present socio-political realites in which political power holders have callously emansculated themselves from the yearnings and visions of those they lead.Our political leaders are far removed from the very same people they swore on oath to carter for. That Nigeria is lacking in all things,most ridiculously,the basics, that ought to have made life worth living was never God's design. Corrupt wickedness and greed have been elevated to a national past time.Most painful is the fact that no one up there seems bothered.This insensitivity is driving me mad...So we are still going to allow our children and our children's children thread this painful path again!

Jan 15, 2008


Visited this New Kid on the blogg's post 'Gistmaster' www.niyitabity.blogspot.com, courtesy of the most hardworking lady on Naija bloggsphere,Linda Ikeji (www.lindaikeji.blogspot.com
). It was such a lovely experience.I was highly impressed.Niyi brings his wealth of experience over the years as a celebrity journalist and Paparazzi to play. The site which I proudly equates with so many of the foreign sites I regularly visits is so rich with an equal blend of Naija celebtrity gists and pictures.I was so overwhelmed with excitement that I sent him a text message,asking him to keep up the good work.He intantly replied me.Great guy!

Jan 14, 2008


Everytime,I have this deep feeling of gratitude inside of me.There are so many people I want to reach out to,straight and sincerely from the depth of my heart just for being there for me all my life,especially at those very tough and rough moments when I had given up on everything.Family and friends-una do well o! I can't thank you well enough.At the very appropriate time,I will tell it all.Above everything,so much thanks and praises to God Almighty for keeping us all...

Jan 9, 2008


The entire congregation at St. Micheals' Catholic Church,Kontagora,Niger State listened to the officiating priest,Rev. Fr. Anayo with rapt attention.The priest was lamenting the ills of our nation.His voice reeled with pains and hopelessness.He pulled out a copy of Newswatch titled NIGERIA:WHERE NOTHING WORKS to further butress his point.
That was some 25 years ago...
Today,things are worse off.Painfully,no one seems to give a dammn.How long are we going to go on like this?Why isn't someone thinking of giving this wretched existence of what we call life in Nigeria some uplifting? Must our leaders be always happy making our beloved country to continue being the playground of the Devil where poverty,unemployment,hunger,insecurity,lack of basic infrastructures and all those ugly stuffs keep making mockery of humanity?

Jan 1, 2008


I just got up from Bed.I am already punching out a post for the great people of Bloggerville. Na una dey my mind all through the brief time I slept early this New year.Hmm...the thing wan begin shack me like new wife. I know that blogging is not easy.I remember when I had to send e-mails to Anty Funmi Iyanda,Vera Ezimora and some very consistent writers in Bloggerville,telling them Well done.In Blogging.I found a new passion that I am wishing will keep growing and getting better every day.Please,I need every support,encouragement,criticism,suggestion,yabbing,curses,that will help me get better. It was the prolific writer,Tony Kan Onwordi back in his days as a columnist for Hearts Magazine and later Hints who had this sign off 'It can only get better!'.Folks,It surely will.