Jan 1, 2008


I just got up from Bed.I am already punching out a post for the great people of Bloggerville. Na una dey my mind all through the brief time I slept early this New year.Hmm...the thing wan begin shack me like new wife. I know that blogging is not easy.I remember when I had to send e-mails to Anty Funmi Iyanda,Vera Ezimora and some very consistent writers in Bloggerville,telling them Well done.In Blogging.I found a new passion that I am wishing will keep growing and getting better every day.Please,I need every support,encouragement,criticism,suggestion,yabbing,curses,that will help me get better. It was the prolific writer,Tony Kan Onwordi back in his days as a columnist for Hearts Magazine and later Hints who had this sign off 'It can only get better!'.Folks,It surely will.


Mutiu said...

Welcome to the blogville! Hope you can get better!
My own blog
has been there for sometimes unattended
to, but I hope to revive it this year.Welcome!!!

Vera Ezimora said...

Wel, I guess you kept up the blogging, huh? Good job!! Well done.