Jan 9, 2008


The entire congregation at St. Micheals' Catholic Church,Kontagora,Niger State listened to the officiating priest,Rev. Fr. Anayo with rapt attention.The priest was lamenting the ills of our nation.His voice reeled with pains and hopelessness.He pulled out a copy of Newswatch titled NIGERIA:WHERE NOTHING WORKS to further butress his point.
That was some 25 years ago...
Today,things are worse off.Painfully,no one seems to give a dammn.How long are we going to go on like this?Why isn't someone thinking of giving this wretched existence of what we call life in Nigeria some uplifting? Must our leaders be always happy making our beloved country to continue being the playground of the Devil where poverty,unemployment,hunger,insecurity,lack of basic infrastructures and all those ugly stuffs keep making mockery of humanity?

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