Oct 31, 2008


The story of a Nigerian born sculptor who is making much impact in the US would make any Nigerian proud.According to Nnamdi:

I was born in Eastern Nigeria in 1965.I am the first of three sons.I currently reside in Fayetteville,Georgia with my wife and three children.

As far back as I can remember I have always been drawn to art.Later on I realized that my artistic sensibilities were best expressed in the three dimensional art of sculpture.Around the same time I was introduced to Basketball,which suited me well as I am six feet nine inches tall.After obtaining a Degree in painting in Nigeria,Basketball became the avenue for me to come to the United States.I was recruited by BYU-Hawaii where I played from 1989-1993,and graduated with a BFA in sculpture.

Immediately after that,I enrolled in the graduate programme at BYU-Provo where I received an MFA degree in sculpture in 1997.While going to school in Provo,I met and married my wife,Dedra,who is from Idaho and graduated in 1996 with a Master of Accountancy.

I now work full time out of my studio in Fayetteville.My work is represented in galleries across the country,and my large scale monumental work can be seen in individual and public sculpture gardens as well.

You can view some of Nnamdi's work here.

Oct 30, 2008


Believe me if you want to -now I know why the soles of Barack Obama's shoes have been 'filing'.He has been practicing some Wacko Jacko dance steps ahead of the victory party come November 4th.Do not say I told you.

Oct 28, 2008


After the Devil released his grip on Rwanda in the genocide frenzy of 1994,the entire world let out so much Crocodile tears.Today,the Devil is running haywire in the Democratic Republic of Congo where General Laurent Nkunda's troops, close to overrunning the Regional capital town of Goma and the Congolese Army are making a killing field of Eastern Zaire.The about 17,000 UN forces are not providing any hope .
As is the character of such wars,innocent civillians suffers brutal killings,tortures and rapes.Why is the whole world not showing any iota of concern for the plight of the Congolese? Why has African leaders abandoned the innocent citizens of DR Congo to their fate? Why are we just waiting for the last exhausted refugee to die or be killed? Why are we waiting to make another Hollywood blockbusters to be titled Hotel Kinshasa or Sometimes In October from the plight of these people? Why? Why? Why?
Its high time the world take a decisive action on the attrocities in DR Congo and Dafur.Its time to bring an end to these meaningless wars.Africa should take the innitative.

Oct 27, 2008


I am an avid reader of the inspirational Magazine,Guideposts.The recent edition of the mag which has a smiling Jennifer Hudson on its cover speak so much,against the backdrop of the tragic murder of the DreamGirls star's Mum,brother and Nephew by yet to be identified killer(s),was kind of consoling.Even though the Magazine did the cover well before tragedy struck,it is quite symbolic.The cover picture and its headline ''My Grateful Heart'' reassures us that no matter how terrible the circumstances we are faced with,we need to rise up and keep moving on.
To Jenny:Be strong.Dry the tears and Keep the smiles.

Oct 26, 2008


This is no time for long talks.
President Yar'Adau should please direct whichever state security agency(ies) holding Jonathan Elendu of Elendureports since 14th October when he arrived Nigeria from his US base,to release him.
We treaded this path in the dark days of military dictatorship.We cannot afford to go that way again.Nigeria has got more pressing issues to tackle than arresting Bloggers and closing down media houses.Yar'Adua's democracy should entail freedom of speech and expression.Free Jonathan Now!
(Picture courtesy of BBC News)

Oct 22, 2008


I am short of words about this picture.I laughed my heart out when I first saw it.John McCain seems to be tip-toeing towards Obama.The expression on McCain's face is like saying:''Yuck!I got to push this 'Bama boy out of my way...''

Oct 17, 2008


Since Collin Powel couldn't resist the urge to boogie down to Olu Maintain's hit track 'Yahooze' during the African Risin Festival,at the Royal Albert Hall,London,criticism have been flying like squad missiles over what has been termed his endorsement of advaced-fee email crime popularly called 419.Haba!!
Some sections of the international media,especially the British press are only being unnecesarily mischievious and myopic.Powell should be given kudos for proudly showcasing his Africaness.I wonder what would have been said of him if he had danced to the lewd lyrics of fuji act,Abass Akande Obesere or even seen near the popular Ohafia war dancers.On the other hand,if Powell had done this in a Justin Timberlake's or Eminem's performance,that would have been good headlines for the press.

Oct 11, 2008


It is only a matter of hours from now.The winner of the prestigious 2008 Nigerian Literature Prize,sponsored by Oil and Gas giant,NLNGL,will be announced.Between Kaine Agary's Yellow-Yellow and Jude Dibia's Unbridled,a winner will emerge (except in the case of joint winners).As it stands now,both youthful writers are winners in their own rights,after being shortlisted from over ten submitted literary works.

This will be the first time that new and young writers are emerging as finalists in the five years of the literary competition.I have read Dibia's Unbridled.Still trying to lay my hands on Agary's Yellow-Yellow.This is indeed a very good time for Nigerian literature.The new writers have for long been a very significant part in the Nigerian literary sphere,making so much inroads globally while barely recognized and appreciated at home.Save for the likes of Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche,Helon Habila and Segun Afolabi,nothing much is heard about these new generation writers at the Nigerian homefront where 'old brigades' like Achebe and Soyinka are still actively relevant.

As we celebrate the Nigerian literary best of 2008,let it be that the flood Gate is being thrown open for more diadems for the youthful literary generation

Oct 10, 2008


''When you see a King,you will see all the paraphernalia of office around him.This is just one of them...A small boy can not use this car.'' Nigeria's fuji music act,Abass Akande Obesere was boasting about his recent acquisition of a Limousine car which he claimed cost 70 million Naira.He even added that the N70 Million is only a chicken change to him.I am not quarelling with his success,but I am outraged by his motive.He is all out to show off -the Nigerian 'I big pass you' style.This is quite ridiculous.I try to imagine what could be going on in the conscience of this 'super star' each time his Limo glides through the streets of Lagos,or wherever he resides,as many of his countrymen and fans who are being strangulated by gruelling poverty watches on in admiration (?).No doubt, acquiring a N70 Million Naira Limo is a great milestone,but imagine the result if such an amount (or even half of it) was invested in the lives of other people,either through setting up a business venture that will create jobs for the jobless or into some charitable ventures that will bring succour to many hearts.

Oct 9, 2008


That Barack Obama holds a widening lead over John McCain is no more news.That Obama is looking set to floor McCain in the November Presidential election is as sure as daylight.However,the desperate measures from the McCain camps is tilting towards racism.The McCain's camp having earlier accused Obama of hiding his ties to Bill Ayers,an ex-member of The weathermen,a former militant group.Now,the McCain camp has come up with a recently released ad in which Obama is described as ''Too risky for America'.This is short of telling Americans that Obama is a terrorist.Haba McCain!

Now I can authoritatively reveal that John McCain is a 'bloody racist,Terrorist and Attempted assasin'.Take a proper look at the picture.It shows a very young Barack Obama and his Grand father playing on the Beach.They are so engrossed in their fun that they didn't notice the guy far behind aiming a cudgel to smash Obama's head.Investigation has finally revealed that the Guy aiming the 'weapon' is no one other than John McCain!
Watch out for more stunning revelations after the November Elections.


For months now,I have been consistently looking into the website of one of Nigeria's most authoritative news Magazine,TELL and all I keep getting is this over staled July 2008 edition of the Magazine.For a reputable organisation like TELL which prides itself as 'The people's parliament', this is a monumental embarassment.If it cannot update its website then there is no need to keep an obsolate screensaver on the web.


''We turn not older with years,but newer everyday''

-Emily Dickson

It's my birthday today!

And, am back to blogging.My absence all these while was for just this reason-taking time out to see how I was going to be a much better and interesting Blogger.I then chose this occasion of my birthday to make my bounce-back.

God,my family and friends have all been good to me.They kept me going and helped in no small way to bring me to this point.Life has been real good.To all of you out there I say:''So much thanks for all the love...''.On my part,I just got to act a year older from this moment.

Keep the faith...