Oct 31, 2008


The story of a Nigerian born sculptor who is making much impact in the US would make any Nigerian proud.According to Nnamdi:

I was born in Eastern Nigeria in 1965.I am the first of three sons.I currently reside in Fayetteville,Georgia with my wife and three children.

As far back as I can remember I have always been drawn to art.Later on I realized that my artistic sensibilities were best expressed in the three dimensional art of sculpture.Around the same time I was introduced to Basketball,which suited me well as I am six feet nine inches tall.After obtaining a Degree in painting in Nigeria,Basketball became the avenue for me to come to the United States.I was recruited by BYU-Hawaii where I played from 1989-1993,and graduated with a BFA in sculpture.

Immediately after that,I enrolled in the graduate programme at BYU-Provo where I received an MFA degree in sculpture in 1997.While going to school in Provo,I met and married my wife,Dedra,who is from Idaho and graduated in 1996 with a Master of Accountancy.

I now work full time out of my studio in Fayetteville.My work is represented in galleries across the country,and my large scale monumental work can be seen in individual and public sculpture gardens as well.

You can view some of Nnamdi's work here.

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