Oct 17, 2008


Since Collin Powel couldn't resist the urge to boogie down to Olu Maintain's hit track 'Yahooze' during the African Risin Festival,at the Royal Albert Hall,London,criticism have been flying like squad missiles over what has been termed his endorsement of advaced-fee email crime popularly called 419.Haba!!
Some sections of the international media,especially the British press are only being unnecesarily mischievious and myopic.Powell should be given kudos for proudly showcasing his Africaness.I wonder what would have been said of him if he had danced to the lewd lyrics of fuji act,Abass Akande Obesere or even seen near the popular Ohafia war dancers.On the other hand,if Powell had done this in a Justin Timberlake's or Eminem's performance,that would have been good headlines for the press.

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