Oct 28, 2008


After the Devil released his grip on Rwanda in the genocide frenzy of 1994,the entire world let out so much Crocodile tears.Today,the Devil is running haywire in the Democratic Republic of Congo where General Laurent Nkunda's troops, close to overrunning the Regional capital town of Goma and the Congolese Army are making a killing field of Eastern Zaire.The about 17,000 UN forces are not providing any hope .
As is the character of such wars,innocent civillians suffers brutal killings,tortures and rapes.Why is the whole world not showing any iota of concern for the plight of the Congolese? Why has African leaders abandoned the innocent citizens of DR Congo to their fate? Why are we just waiting for the last exhausted refugee to die or be killed? Why are we waiting to make another Hollywood blockbusters to be titled Hotel Kinshasa or Sometimes In October from the plight of these people? Why? Why? Why?
Its high time the world take a decisive action on the attrocities in DR Congo and Dafur.Its time to bring an end to these meaningless wars.Africa should take the innitative.


LG said...

Father save us 4rm ourslves...AMEN


There is so much wahala all over the world. It is so hard to keep up. My prayer goes out to our brothers and sisters in Congo.

That "Cell out" project that happened recently was a good idea. I will look into whether it will be repeated sometime soon so I can participate in it.

Don't forget to join us in the online rally this Friday October 31st. Just use "FREE JONATHAN ELENDU NOW!" as the title of your blog post and FaceBook Status. Visit the Facebook page here or stop by Nigerian Curiosity.

Elendu is a Nigerian Blogger that was detained. He is now under medical care but is not free to return to his family in America. Hence the protest.

Take care!

AnyaPosh said...

The western world is more interested in the daily shenanigans of Obama's personal routine like what he wears to drop his daughters at school or if he takes them trick-or-treating.

It can't be bothered by the dying africans in the congo...no. That's what the UN is there for. Or what about their presidents & the rule of law. Isn't that country called the DEMOCRATIC republic of Congo? IMO

-catch my sarcastic drift?