Oct 9, 2008


That Barack Obama holds a widening lead over John McCain is no more news.That Obama is looking set to floor McCain in the November Presidential election is as sure as daylight.However,the desperate measures from the McCain camps is tilting towards racism.The McCain's camp having earlier accused Obama of hiding his ties to Bill Ayers,an ex-member of The weathermen,a former militant group.Now,the McCain camp has come up with a recently released ad in which Obama is described as ''Too risky for America'.This is short of telling Americans that Obama is a terrorist.Haba McCain!

Now I can authoritatively reveal that John McCain is a 'bloody racist,Terrorist and Attempted assasin'.Take a proper look at the picture.It shows a very young Barack Obama and his Grand father playing on the Beach.They are so engrossed in their fun that they didn't notice the guy far behind aiming a cudgel to smash Obama's head.Investigation has finally revealed that the Guy aiming the 'weapon' is no one other than John McCain!
Watch out for more stunning revelations after the November Elections.

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