Oct 26, 2008


This is no time for long talks.
President Yar'Adau should please direct whichever state security agency(ies) holding Jonathan Elendu of Elendureports since 14th October when he arrived Nigeria from his US base,to release him.
We treaded this path in the dark days of military dictatorship.We cannot afford to go that way again.Nigeria has got more pressing issues to tackle than arresting Bloggers and closing down media houses.Yar'Adua's democracy should entail freedom of speech and expression.Free Jonathan Now!
(Picture courtesy of BBC News)

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Thanks for putting this up. Please join the Facebook group "FREE NIGERIAN BLOGGER, JONATHAN ELENDU" and participate in the online rally on Friday, Oct. 31st.

Check www.nigeriancuriosity.com for details.