Dec 13, 2009


I am so full of pity for Tiger Woods,since he was caught by the tail of his bedmatics Tees.I just feel that we are being too quick to kill this Tiger.A case of casting the first stone,brothers? The guy was only being hu-MAN. Huh? Seriously,I think if we end up killing this Tiger,we just won't have another Tiger of this make again in the golf course anywhere in the world. Painfully,the guy has said he is taking a break off Golf.But,will it still be the same again when he decides to return? Don't think so.

Dec 5, 2009


Telecoms giant, MTN Nigeria unveiled a grand pre-lit 40 feet Y’ello Christmas tree yesterday,Friday, December 4, 2009 at the courtyard of its Corporate Headquarters, Golden Plaza,Falomo-Ikoyi.,Lagos
The official unveiling was performed by the company's Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer, Bola Akingbade.It was fun all the way,especially as those who came for the occasion dressed with a touch of yellow colour won surprise gift items.
But know what?I missed the event by a stroke of fate,just the same way I missed being at 'The Experience' music festival at the TBS,Lagos.Let me leave that story for some other time.
Happy Yuletide season to ya all!

Nov 28, 2009


Christmas reminder.....
Dance drama at the Stadium
At Jibowu Bridge,Lagos
The walks front line
Conveying the messages
Happy volunteers
All 'Y'ello-ed up....

Been AWOL.Had so many things I have been sorting out that kept me off Blogsphere. But I am back now.
Was in Lagos,Saturday 21st November 2009 where I participated in The Great Hope Walk,an annual event organised by Hope Worldwide, aimed at focusing global attention on the plights of orphans and vulnerable children (OVC).
The 2009 Great Hope walk event which was funded by MTN Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the telecoms giant,MTN Nigeria,was marked with events in the six geo-political zones across the country-Lagos,Abuja,Cross River,Kogi,and Sokoto states.
The Lagos event was a 10km walk which started from the Maryland Roundabout,near the St. Agnes Catholic Church and finished at the National Stadium, Surulere. Among the Yellow T-Shirts adorning crowd made up of people of all works of life,mostly NGOs,schools,corporate and religious organisations, were many kids,some as little as 4-years old who saw the walk as an opportunity to catch real fun. I also sighted the charismatic Chief strategist and principal consultant of Adstrat BMC,Charles O'Tudor and ex-Soundcity TV and ex-Malta Guinness Street Dance anchor,Deji Falope was there with his power bike. I saw him using the Power bike to assist in traffic control during the walk all the way to the stadium.Nigerian Bottling Company,NBC had some of their personnels at hand to distribute free bottles of chilled Eva water .Participants were later entertained with a dance drama,music and jokes at the stadium.A raffle draw was also held.

Sep 19, 2009

Got this from an email sent in by a very dear friend.It's worth sharing.

You have this friend since Junior Secondary School and after SeniorSecondary School both of you lost contact with each other. But she is someone really special to you, and you're someone very special to her too.
Five years later you receive a phone call from her.
"Hi, I'll visit you" she says.
"Hi, Sue, when?" you ask her.
"Just wait for me" she replies.
It seems weird but you prepare for her coming anyway.
One rainy night you hear a knock on the door. And you're surprised to see that it's your friend Sue. Losing touch for ten years is so long and you start talking about everything. Then both of you even go to your room upstairs. Suddenly there is a power outage, but the two of you continue talking by candle light.
Then the phone rings.
"I'll just get the phone downstairs," you say.
"No, don't get it, we're in the middle of our talk," she says.
"It might be important," you say.
"Okay if you say so, but promise me you'll be back," she says.
You promise her a million times that you'll be back.
Then you run downstairs to answer the phone.
"Hello," you say.
"Hello," says the person on the line.
"Yeah?" you say, wondering who it is.
"I'm calling on behalf of Sue's family. They had an accident and her parents are in the hospital right now," he says.
"How are they?" you ask.
He continues, "They are injured but stable. But I'm sorry to say that Sue died. We found your name and phone number in Sue's purse...
"His voice trails off as you look up at the long stairs...


Aug 30, 2009


Edward Moore 'Ted' Kennedy

‘We do not weep for him today because of the prestige attached to his name or his office.
We weep because we loved this kind and tender hero who persevered through pain and tragedy – not for the sake of ambition or vanity; not for wealth or power; but only for the people and the country he loved.''

-Barack Obama,at late Senator Ted Kennedy's memorial mass

I hope that Nigerian politicians and poli-thiefcians can see through the lines of this speech

Aug 22, 2009


Will Caster still have the last laugh?
Too masculine for a lady?
Caster..built for controversy?

Caster...with her school mates

Caster's birth certificate

''No one ever said I was not a girl,but here (in Berlin) I am not.I am not a boy.Why did you bring me here? You should have left me in my village at home.''
-Semenya Caster
''There is something dangling between her legs-thats obvious-and shes got an Adam apple.''
-An unamed Australian sports officer
''From the time she could walk,Caster only wanted to play with boys,Her three elder sisters wore dresses as little girls do,but Caster refused.She has never had a skirt,only trousers.
I knew she was different to the others and even now if you speak to her on the telephone,you might mistake her for a man.But I used to change her nappy and I know she is a woman.What better proof do people need?''
-Jacob Semanya (Caster's father)
''She never had a boyfriend.She doesn't like boys.But that doesn't mean she is not a girl.''
-Deborah Morolong (Caster's best childhood friend)
''Some schools,suspecting that she was not a girl,even demanded that her status be checked.But each time they returned from the toilet,she would be cleared...we would ask her why they had taken her to the toilet and she would just say ''they are doubting me'',without explaining further.''
-Moloko Rapetsoa (Caster's school teacher)
''She comes from me.I gave birth to that girl,she came from my womb..its my girl.''
-Dorcus Semenya (Caster's Mother)

Jul 19, 2009


French's First Lady,Carla Bruni

Steve Wonder...singing his hit track Happy Birthday

Alicia keys..supported by the Soweto Gospel Choir
Nelson Mandela
It was the sage's 91st birthday yesterday. South African's president,Jacob Zuma described Mandela as an 'inspiration to the world',in a .

And also,on Saturday night at the Radio City Music Hall in New York,a gala was held in commemoration of Mandela's birthday.The big stars were there and they performed.The Queen of soul, Aretha Franklin,who is looking very radiant and far from her 67 years in age, received the loudest ovation for her scintillating performance.Alicia Keys,Steve Wonder,Lil' Kim,Cindy Lauper,Queen Latifah,Soweto Gospel Choir and wait for this-Carla Bruni,wife of the French Prime Minister,Mr Sarkozy, all performed,in the show hosted by Hollywood star,Whoopi Goldberg,but could not be attended by the celebrant.

Jul 12, 2009


Push-Button Publishing
Blog has been removed
Sorry, the blog at has been removed. This address is not available for new blogs.
The above is the message I get each time I try logging on to Oyin's site of recent.I am lost as to what went wrong.I really missed reading her crazy postings especially her 'Wordless Wednesdays'. Please can someone tell me how to reach Oyin?


Madonna with Mercy and David in Paris recently

David and Mercy James

Remember the controversies that almost stopped pop Icon,Madonna from adopting those children from Malawi? I have followed the lives of these kids with so much keen interest since they moved in with Madonna and I know their lives just couldn't have been better off for it.Seeing a recent picture of the two kids in an outing in Paris I just concluded that these kids were destined by God to escape the tragedy that life in Malawi would have unleashed on them.For Mercy James,it is quite true that some few months back getting to eat a nice meal at the orphanage where she was kept in Malawi was almost a mere wish.But today,this little kid is having the entire woprld at her finger tip.This speaks so much of the ways of God.You just never know what He has in stock for you next moment.
Keep the faith.


Who say Nigeria was not well represented in Ghana during President Obama's visit? Some groups of Nigerians were there with placards and flags in support of Biafra.But what I don't understand is how the Biafran issue concerns Obama and Ghana. Just like the Hausa proverb that goes thus;ina ruwan Angulu de kiso
? What is the Vultures business with hair plaiting?

Jun 28, 2009


'' Music is about sense, sound, shape and skills. But there is an on-going deficit in all other aspects except sound. So much sound is being produced in Nigeria, but there is very little sense, shape and skills. They call it hip-hop. They try to imitate Western hip pop stars. They even dress like them. The boys don't wear trousers on their waists: the new thing is called "sagging", somewhere below the waist it looks as if the trouser is about to fall off. The women are struggling to expose strategic flesh as Janet Jackson once did. The boys and the girls are cloaked in outlandish jewellery ... Well, God Almighty, we are in your hands.''

At public functions, they mime. They are not artists, they perform. They are not necessarily composers, they dance. The more terrible ones can't even sing a correct musical note. They talk. And they are all businessmen and women. They are more interested in commerce and self-advertisement, name recognition, brand extension and memory recall! They want a name that sells, not some culturally conditioned name that is tied down to culture and geography. But the strange thing is that they are so successful. Nollywood has projected Nigeria, the next big revelations are in hip hop.

In Nigeria, it is now possible to hold a party without playing a single foreign musical track, the great grand children of Nigerian music are belting out purely danceable sounds which excites the young at heart. But the output belongs majorly to the age of meaningless and prurience. The lyrics says it all.
-Reuben Abati

''We want to learn but your generation has to teach. We want to read but the Government must provide libraries. We want to go to school but the lecturers keep going on strike. We want to travel but previous generations messed up so they won’t give out visas. Most of prefer having our own live bands but the income needed to support that is not forthcoming.''

''You speak of meaninglessness and prurience, identity crisis and moral turpitude. You praise Legends like Fela Anikulakpo-Kuti and you ridicule us. 9ice does not drink or smoke. eLDee is married to one wife. Olu Maintain does not drink. Naeto C is currently obtaining his Masters’ degree in England. The ironic thing is, we look up to and praise your generation too.''

-Banky W

Banky W in sheer youthful exuberance,took what was a honest and objective assessment by Reuben Abati too personal and ended up making little or no sense in his response. I see this as the proverbial case of the child who challenged his father to a wrestling match,but eventually got overwhelmed by the father's testicles.

I have been following the controversy these articles have generated and I know we haven't heard the last of it.

Jun 26, 2009


I am still as shocked as many who watched the 26 years old Iranian girl,Neda Agha Soltan dying on YouTube,after being shot by agents believed to be that of the government last Saturday,during street protests over that country's June 12 presidential elections.

As outraged as the entire world was and still is,over the senseless killing,the President Ahmadenejad's led government have not offered words of consolation to the family of the slained girl.

Even though Neda is now being described as a Martyr,come to think of it,was this whole shame worth sacrificing such a beautiful and promising soul all in the name of a presidential election?

Today,supporters of the defeated candidate,Mirohussein Mousavi plan to release thousands of balloons with the message ''Neda,you will always remain in our hearts.''
True words indeed!


Adieu Micheal Joseph Jackson!

May 31, 2009


Yesterday,30th May 2009 at Spikes TV 2009 'Guys Choice' award held at Sony Studios,Los Angeles,Hollywoods hottest all-time actress, Halle Berry was honoured with the Decade of hotness award.
She actually displayed her 'hotness' when she engaged Jammie Foxx,who presented the award to her, in a passionate and somewhat provocative lips kissing,with Jammie giving her a hard squeeze on her buttocks.She responded by grabbing Jammie's crotch! Her fans felt this was quite too far.She should have handled herself a bit more better and maturedly.

May 29, 2009


Watched Nobel Laureate,Professor Wole Soyinka on Mo Abudu's Moments With Mo on DStv's African Magic channel. It was the vintage Wole Soyinka. I couldn't help laughing my ribs out when asked by Mo to rate the Nigerian former President,Olusegun Obasanjo as a student of his. The Prof. replied that ''Obasanjo was a complete failed student!''He even added something like He (Obasanjo) needing a Psychiatrist, with the Psychiatrist's result having to be thoroughly examined and analysed by another senior Psychiatrist,before it can be duly considered. Haba, Prof.! This is sounding like the case of Mad Men and Specialist.

May 28, 2009


Guest artiste,Sonny Bobo of the 'Sonny Bobo' music fame thrilling guests

Some Guests at the event .

Nollywood's Star,Victor Osuagwu

Sonny Bobo ......performing

A cross section of guests

I had great fun this evening when Nigeria's Telecoms giant MTN fetted its staff and customers to a 'Social evening in Owerri',an event of entertainment and relaxation held at All Seasons Hotel,Owerri. According to a top Marketing Executive of the company,the social evening was ''essentially brand positioning and values evening aimed at bringing product information,offerings and benefits.''.Commenting further,she said ''By creating this atmosphere of camaraderie and care which is largely targeted at our customers and potential ones,we intend to grow enormous goodwill,brand affinity and bonding.''
Guest Musician at the event was 'Old skool highlife exponent' Sonny Bobo of the Sonny Bobo 'looking yash,killing goat' fame performed tracks from his hit album,Uduakpuenyi.Also,Nollywood star actor ,Victor Osuagwu was at the show. Prominent MTN Trade partners and dealers in Owerri graced the show too,along with a good number of MTN staff from the Eastern regional office led by the Regional Marketing Officer.It was indeed an evening of fun.

May 9, 2009


Champions For Nigeria Meeting & Barbeque
All Champions all over the world are invited, but we know many live outside the UK, however, if you happen to be in London, we will be glad to see you. We will also use the Occasion to discuss our next BIG PROJECT, which is already in the pipeline.
Date:August 1st, 2009, 2pm
Location:London, UK
Address:31 Solomons Passage Peckham Rye London SE15 3UH
Special thanks to Akintokunbo Adejumo,the Global Coordinator for Champions For Nigeria for this invitation.


Took these pictures when Prof. Chinua Achebe featured on CNN's African voices.He was interviewed by 'our own' Lola Ogunnaike.Apart from his writings,another thing that thrills so much me about Achebe,is his voice. Age has not affected the emotion in the old man's voice. I remember back in the days when I always had a Cassette ready so as to ensure that I record his interviews or talks on BBC Radio or Voice Of America.

May 3, 2009


The month of April was indeed fun. I tried being here and there trying to catch up with one thing or the other.I had wedding invitations from two of my real good friends,Amaka Anyanwu and Lawrence Omadiaga to attend.I couldn't just find any reason not to. Amaka had her traditional wedding at Inyishi,in Ikeduru Local Government Area of Imo state,Eastern Nigeria.She got married to Pharmacist Emeka Osegbo.
Lawrence 'Lawrenzo' Omadiaga took beautiful Irene Usifo to the Altar at Mother The Reedeemer Catholic Church, Warri,Delta State,Mid-western Nigeria. The happy pictures tells the rest of the story.
I wish my friends blissful married lives.