Sep 19, 2009

Got this from an email sent in by a very dear friend.It's worth sharing.

You have this friend since Junior Secondary School and after SeniorSecondary School both of you lost contact with each other. But she is someone really special to you, and you're someone very special to her too.
Five years later you receive a phone call from her.
"Hi, I'll visit you" she says.
"Hi, Sue, when?" you ask her.
"Just wait for me" she replies.
It seems weird but you prepare for her coming anyway.
One rainy night you hear a knock on the door. And you're surprised to see that it's your friend Sue. Losing touch for ten years is so long and you start talking about everything. Then both of you even go to your room upstairs. Suddenly there is a power outage, but the two of you continue talking by candle light.
Then the phone rings.
"I'll just get the phone downstairs," you say.
"No, don't get it, we're in the middle of our talk," she says.
"It might be important," you say.
"Okay if you say so, but promise me you'll be back," she says.
You promise her a million times that you'll be back.
Then you run downstairs to answer the phone.
"Hello," you say.
"Hello," says the person on the line.
"Yeah?" you say, wondering who it is.
"I'm calling on behalf of Sue's family. They had an accident and her parents are in the hospital right now," he says.
"How are they?" you ask.
He continues, "They are injured but stable. But I'm sorry to say that Sue died. We found your name and phone number in Sue's purse...
"His voice trails off as you look up at the long stairs...



Anonymous said...

i will run o

Repressed One said...

Oh dang!!! I will runnnnnn!! Dang, talk about nightmares for days...

AJ said...

ehn? Ni tori kini? Na down the phone them go know say wahala don shele!