Jul 25, 2008


I browsed into http://www.lagosana.blogspot.com/ which claims to be the ''official blog (& site)'' of the Association of Nigerian Authors,Lagos.I still don't believe that to be true.With scam (419) mails littering the blog site,I wonder how that could pass as the 'official' blogsite for an intellectual association like ANA,Lagos. Chike Ofili,Chairman ANA,Lagos and his team should do something quick about that site to save us the embarassment of blogging into what looks like a Hacker's playground next time.

Jul 24, 2008


What is really the problem with Nigeria? Why is it that things don't just seem to be moving forward for good for us.Are we such a cursed nation? I am tempted to want to give in to the school of thought that strongly believes that a demonic cabal is happy holding us down. Bernad Malamud aptly summed up the Nigerian complexities in the following words: ''In a sick country,every effort to cure its sickness is an affront on those who profit from its illness.'' Is it not so disheartening that all the much talk about Millions and Billions of Naira allegedly being spent by the Government in only God knows what,the citizenry is yet to feel any of its impact.Darkness looms larger today than ever before.Our security is at the whims of armed criminals.The school Teachers have since gone on strike.No one up there seems bothered that the future of our Children are being toyed with. Where have we gone wrong? Is it a curse that our fore fathers and fathers had opted to be Nigerians on creation day? Should we still be expecting the Messiah(s) as our present generation of leaders have shamelessly and woefully failed us?

Jul 22, 2008


I am not much of an athletics enthusiast. One man has been igniting my new passion for the tracks.I recently started following the exploits of South African Paralympic star athlete,Oscar Pistorious with keen interest.I was looking forward to watch the 21-year-old runner,nicknamed Blade Runner because of the carbon fibre made blades attached to his hind legs,competing against able bodied athletes in the summer Olympic Games in Beijing.The way things are right now,the Blade Runner won't be at the Olympics.Concerns about his safety,his inability to meet up with the Olympic Qualifying standards of 45.55 are puttin his dreams on hold.His last chance would come if he is able to get a place in the South Africa 4x 400m relay squad.
An amputee at a very tender age,Oscar has not allowed his disability conquer him.Instead,he has sought every opportunity to prove that there is so much ability in disability.He is the world's fastest Paralympian.For sure,Pistorius wasn't going to the Olympics to clinch medals.He was going there to make a clear statement.Everyone under the sun stands the same opportunity.Only our minds can be our limitating factors.His determination,zeal,confidence and courage will win admirations.This is what spectators at the Olympics would have loved to cheer.Oscar has got a very big heart.In him I have already seen a Gold medalist even when the Olympic race have not been flagged off.He is an epitome of courage and inspiration;an epitome of what true sportsmanship and the Olympic spirit is truly all about.Oscar is a reflective mirror of ourselves,in the face of the harsh circumstances life throws up before us every now and again,with grace,we can go well about it,and through it,with heads held high.
I am fervently wishing that the Blade Runner will be opportuned to hit the tracks against the world best able bodied athletes in the August Olympics.Anyway,even if He doesn't make Beinjing,He wins our heart for his courage.

Jul 17, 2008


How do you send Happy Birthday wishes to an extraordinary legend, Icon and statesman? To a man who symbolises everything Africa ought to have been;who stands tall,far apart from the brigands that have come to be known as 'African leaders';whose charismatic humility transcends political,religious and racial barriers...

To a great son of Africa whose life will always remain a living lesson of leadership and sacrifice: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
To Papa Nelson Rolihlahla Dalibhunga Mandela :May your dreams of a true Africa devoid of bad leadership,poverty,AIDS and civil strife come to be.Thank God for making you,first and foremost,an African.

Jul 16, 2008


Orikinla Osinachi (www.kissesandroses.blogspot.com) first gave the hint of what looked like the preview of a coming amagedon.Militants are reported to have given an ultimatum to residents-both foriegners and non-indigenes residing in Oil rich Bonny Island to leave before today,16th July, or risk losing their lives.Recent report added that the Militants threatened to behead non-indigenes.People,in their thousands are reported to be fleeing for their dear lives.Boats,the only means of transportation in and out of Bonny Island are capsizing.People are drowning.People are dying...
Some are saying that the purported threats by the militants is all a lie.But no one is ready to use his or her life to test this.Fear now pervades the air of Bonny.Recent exploits by the Militants and the build ups by the Nigerian Military in the area gives cause for concern.The once peaceful Bonny Island Kingdom is now a metaphorical tenterhooks.
This muscle flexing and power show between the Military and Militants is killing us all. One person I am very much worried about is communication/media practitioner and fellow Blogger,Orikinla Osinachi.He lives and works in Bonny Island. I know God is keeping him safe wherever he is.The moment I checked up his Blogsite minutes back and saw some very updated postings,I felt relieved.It is our fervent prayers that lasting peace and development return to the Niger Delta.Our children should never be made to live with these frustrating agonies.

Jul 7, 2008


I have been so impressed with the way star actor,Djimon Hounsou has carried himself.This Brother man with his outstanding feat in Hollywood has made Africa really proud.From a humbled rough begining which saw Djimon arriving Paris from his home country, Benin Republic at age 13,with no place to call home,except for the streets and spaces under the Paris bridges and scanvaging for food in the refuse bins until a chance encounter with fashion designer Thierry Mugler was to start turning things aright.He became a fashion model.He later left Paris for Los Angeles where he featured in musical movies before delving into acting.His first major shot was in the Hospital drama ER (1994) ,where he played Mobolaji Ikabo,a refugee from Nigeria.After then,Djimon's rise to fame has been at the speed of light.The good thing about him is that even though he is a naturalized American citizen,he is still in full touch with his African root.I know of several Nollywood actors whom if given just quater of Djimon's opportunity,would become 'over Americanized'.He remains the 2nd male African to receive an Oscar nomination.Brother man,Keep raising the Blackman's pride!

Jul 2, 2008


So what? If Robber,sorry, Robert Mugabe decided to steal the Zimbabwean presidency in broad day light,in the full glare of the whole world and nothing happened should I go and hang myself?I think I am developing an undeserved hyperthension over this Zimbabwe matter.It is high time I let go.Since it is as sure as daylight that Zimbabwe,the same Zimbabwe the late Jamaican Reggae legend, Robert Nesta Marley once sang about,will outlive Mugabe and his intrigues..

Talking about Bob Marley brings me to the funny news about the black WWE wrestling sensation,Kofi Kingston.Kofi's claims to being a Jamaican,an identity he has been deceiving his teeming fans with-no thanks to the strategists at WWE,who slammed him with a Jamaican identity so as to garner fans appeal,was recently punctured by no one other than his mother,Elizabeth Sarkodie-Mensah.Exposed as an identity thief,Kofi Kingston,whose real name is Kofi Sarkodie-Mensah was reported to have said: ''I was actually born in Jamaica-to be honest,with a name like Kofi a lot of people assume I was born in Ghana''. A check on his bio data at the WWE website reveals that he ''hails from 'the tropical climate of the Carribbean Sea,Jamica'.His mum put a hole to that lie by telling the world that Koffi was born in Ghana and not Jamaica:''I told him:'Kofi,your cousins watch you on TV in Ghana and want to know why you don't say you're from Ghana''. ''Tell them it is business.'' was Kofi's reply.What sort of business would make a man deny his root?Ghana is the proud home of great Africans such as Kwame Nkuruma,Jerry Rawlings and Kofi Anan.Something must be wrong with this Kofi boy.He is even reported to have banned his mother and other members of his family from speaking to the press in other not to reveal further damming secrets that will jeopardise his wrestling fame and fortunes.Kofi Kingston is a shame.

Nigerian born Newcastle United Striker,Obafemi Martins is likely to move to Arsenal.If this happens,this will be a big boost to the 22 years old career.He has not had a good run at Newcastle.Obagoal's moving to Arsenal will see more Nigerian Premiership fans switching support back to the Gunners.Kanu Nwankwo's exploits was instrumental for the overwhelming fanatical followership Arsenal had in Nigeria some years back.Can't wait to see Obafemi in Arsenal.