Jul 22, 2008


I am not much of an athletics enthusiast. One man has been igniting my new passion for the tracks.I recently started following the exploits of South African Paralympic star athlete,Oscar Pistorious with keen interest.I was looking forward to watch the 21-year-old runner,nicknamed Blade Runner because of the carbon fibre made blades attached to his hind legs,competing against able bodied athletes in the summer Olympic Games in Beijing.The way things are right now,the Blade Runner won't be at the Olympics.Concerns about his safety,his inability to meet up with the Olympic Qualifying standards of 45.55 are puttin his dreams on hold.His last chance would come if he is able to get a place in the South Africa 4x 400m relay squad.
An amputee at a very tender age,Oscar has not allowed his disability conquer him.Instead,he has sought every opportunity to prove that there is so much ability in disability.He is the world's fastest Paralympian.For sure,Pistorius wasn't going to the Olympics to clinch medals.He was going there to make a clear statement.Everyone under the sun stands the same opportunity.Only our minds can be our limitating factors.His determination,zeal,confidence and courage will win admirations.This is what spectators at the Olympics would have loved to cheer.Oscar has got a very big heart.In him I have already seen a Gold medalist even when the Olympic race have not been flagged off.He is an epitome of courage and inspiration;an epitome of what true sportsmanship and the Olympic spirit is truly all about.Oscar is a reflective mirror of ourselves,in the face of the harsh circumstances life throws up before us every now and again,with grace,we can go well about it,and through it,with heads held high.
I am fervently wishing that the Blade Runner will be opportuned to hit the tracks against the world best able bodied athletes in the August Olympics.Anyway,even if He doesn't make Beinjing,He wins our heart for his courage.

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Orikinla Osinachi. said...

The Blade Runner is an inspiration to those who have handicaps in life to turn around and use these so called handicaps as the means to achieve success.

Cheers and God bless.