Jul 25, 2008


I browsed into http://www.lagosana.blogspot.com/ which claims to be the ''official blog (& site)'' of the Association of Nigerian Authors,Lagos.I still don't believe that to be true.With scam (419) mails littering the blog site,I wonder how that could pass as the 'official' blogsite for an intellectual association like ANA,Lagos. Chike Ofili,Chairman ANA,Lagos and his team should do something quick about that site to save us the embarassment of blogging into what looks like a Hacker's playground next time.

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Orikinla Osinachi. said...

Thank you for the observation.

Chike Ofili has his shortcomings.
He should not have created that ANA Official Blog on a subdomain when he has a budget to pay for a master domain.

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~ Bishop Ajayi Crowther