Jul 2, 2008


So what? If Robber,sorry, Robert Mugabe decided to steal the Zimbabwean presidency in broad day light,in the full glare of the whole world and nothing happened should I go and hang myself?I think I am developing an undeserved hyperthension over this Zimbabwe matter.It is high time I let go.Since it is as sure as daylight that Zimbabwe,the same Zimbabwe the late Jamaican Reggae legend, Robert Nesta Marley once sang about,will outlive Mugabe and his intrigues..

Talking about Bob Marley brings me to the funny news about the black WWE wrestling sensation,Kofi Kingston.Kofi's claims to being a Jamaican,an identity he has been deceiving his teeming fans with-no thanks to the strategists at WWE,who slammed him with a Jamaican identity so as to garner fans appeal,was recently punctured by no one other than his mother,Elizabeth Sarkodie-Mensah.Exposed as an identity thief,Kofi Kingston,whose real name is Kofi Sarkodie-Mensah was reported to have said: ''I was actually born in Jamaica-to be honest,with a name like Kofi a lot of people assume I was born in Ghana''. A check on his bio data at the WWE website reveals that he ''hails from 'the tropical climate of the Carribbean Sea,Jamica'.His mum put a hole to that lie by telling the world that Koffi was born in Ghana and not Jamaica:''I told him:'Kofi,your cousins watch you on TV in Ghana and want to know why you don't say you're from Ghana''. ''Tell them it is business.'' was Kofi's reply.What sort of business would make a man deny his root?Ghana is the proud home of great Africans such as Kwame Nkuruma,Jerry Rawlings and Kofi Anan.Something must be wrong with this Kofi boy.He is even reported to have banned his mother and other members of his family from speaking to the press in other not to reveal further damming secrets that will jeopardise his wrestling fame and fortunes.Kofi Kingston is a shame.

Nigerian born Newcastle United Striker,Obafemi Martins is likely to move to Arsenal.If this happens,this will be a big boost to the 22 years old career.He has not had a good run at Newcastle.Obagoal's moving to Arsenal will see more Nigerian Premiership fans switching support back to the Gunners.Kanu Nwankwo's exploits was instrumental for the overwhelming fanatical followership Arsenal had in Nigeria some years back.Can't wait to see Obafemi in Arsenal.


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Orikinla Osinachi. said...

I have gained from the posts on your blog, because of the information I have found on your latest posts.

kay-shawn said...

Hiya, I'm seeing your blog for the first time and I like it. People like Kofi-Kingston should be named, shamed and disowned.

naijaleta said...

Obafemi's move to Arsenal would be sensational. I hope he wont dissapoint.