Jul 16, 2008


Orikinla Osinachi (www.kissesandroses.blogspot.com) first gave the hint of what looked like the preview of a coming amagedon.Militants are reported to have given an ultimatum to residents-both foriegners and non-indigenes residing in Oil rich Bonny Island to leave before today,16th July, or risk losing their lives.Recent report added that the Militants threatened to behead non-indigenes.People,in their thousands are reported to be fleeing for their dear lives.Boats,the only means of transportation in and out of Bonny Island are capsizing.People are drowning.People are dying...
Some are saying that the purported threats by the militants is all a lie.But no one is ready to use his or her life to test this.Fear now pervades the air of Bonny.Recent exploits by the Militants and the build ups by the Nigerian Military in the area gives cause for concern.The once peaceful Bonny Island Kingdom is now a metaphorical tenterhooks.
This muscle flexing and power show between the Military and Militants is killing us all. One person I am very much worried about is communication/media practitioner and fellow Blogger,Orikinla Osinachi.He lives and works in Bonny Island. I know God is keeping him safe wherever he is.The moment I checked up his Blogsite minutes back and saw some very updated postings,I felt relieved.It is our fervent prayers that lasting peace and development return to the Niger Delta.Our children should never be made to live with these frustrating agonies.

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Orikinla Osinachi. said...

My younger sister and her five children are still away from Bonny Island. They would be safer where they have decided to lodge until further notice.

Imagine the reality of banks closing their doors to customers for two weeks and people are no longer at ease.

I have seen a civil war and many coups and I have spent the night in the same room with one of the most notorious armed robbers in Nigeria before he was caught and executed by a firing squad at the Bar Beach on Victoria Island in Lagos, Nigeria.I can call one of the leaders of the militants in the Niger Delta, but most people are even sacred of the sound of gunshot, so I will not blame them for going away from the danger zone.

We have one life to live on earth and it would be more beneficial if we protect and save the precious life of every innocent person.

Cheers and God bless.