Jul 7, 2008


I have been so impressed with the way star actor,Djimon Hounsou has carried himself.This Brother man with his outstanding feat in Hollywood has made Africa really proud.From a humbled rough begining which saw Djimon arriving Paris from his home country, Benin Republic at age 13,with no place to call home,except for the streets and spaces under the Paris bridges and scanvaging for food in the refuse bins until a chance encounter with fashion designer Thierry Mugler was to start turning things aright.He became a fashion model.He later left Paris for Los Angeles where he featured in musical movies before delving into acting.His first major shot was in the Hospital drama ER (1994) ,where he played Mobolaji Ikabo,a refugee from Nigeria.After then,Djimon's rise to fame has been at the speed of light.The good thing about him is that even though he is a naturalized American citizen,he is still in full touch with his African root.I know of several Nollywood actors whom if given just quater of Djimon's opportunity,would become 'over Americanized'.He remains the 2nd male African to receive an Oscar nomination.Brother man,Keep raising the Blackman's pride!

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Orikinla Osinachi. said...

I admire Djimon Hounsou.

He is a challenge to Nigerian actors, because if this guy from the Francophone nation of Benin in West Africa, who could not boast of any university education or good knowledge of English grammar when he arrived the United States can make it successfully in Hollywood, then our so called Nollywood hunks have no excuse for their shortcomings.

"Only the best is good enough for us."
~ Bishop Ajayi Crowther