Nov 27, 2008


Folks in theUS are marking Thanksgiving Holiday.They always have enough reasons for this.Against the backdrop of a global economic crisis,eclipsed by a historic presidential election,the Americans should be happy to grace their dining Tables with plenty of Turkeys.
In India,some mad,I mean very crazy, Terrorists are ripping Mumbai apart...definately this babaric act doesn't fit in at all.
At home here in Nigeria things are not just looking up for good.Hope is getting dimmer by the tickling of every second.This still won't stop us from being thankful to God.Being thankful is about keeping hope alive,with the firm belief that Nigeria go better.
Someday,we will have course to mark a Thanksgiving holiday here.

Nov 25, 2008


Been mourning the untimely death of a very dear cousin,Friday Azogs.I was jolted out of my Hospital bed sometimes last week by the shocking news of Friday's demise.He was on admission at Othibor Okhai Teaching Hospital,Irrua,Edo State,for some chest related ailments.We were all praying and hoping that Friday would get well soonest and get back to being his active self once again.Alas,the cold hands of death snatched him...too soon

He will be dearly missed..

Adieu Fryo!

Nov 8, 2008


Check out the way Rihanna is holding tight to her chest during the video recording of her current single 'Rehab'.I think the babe is being very cautious to avoid any attempt by Justin Timberlake to re-enact those 'wardrobe malfunctioning' stunts he pulled on Janet Jackson some years back.
Stay smart Girl!

Nov 5, 2008


Obama's people in Kenya didn't have to wait for my much talked about Phone call which I blogged about here on August 30th before they went agog celebrating victory.Good one.


My Phone has not stopped receiving text messages and calls since I unofficially assumed the role of a US Presidential Election monitor and announcing the news of Obama's victory to friends.Emenike and I are yet to catch any nap just to make sure we didn't miss out as history unravelled.

My ex-class mate,John Anaweokhai texted:Breaking news:America now wears a new look! Barack Obama elected d 44th president of America.

My Boss,Victor Kayode sent in this funny one:

.....And the

winner is...


KAYODE....Oh sorry,the winner is BARACK OBAMA.Welcome the 44TH American president.

Jude Agho,Professor of African Literature,Edo state University,Ekpoma sent in this one: This is a very monumental victory!Our country(Nigeria) should learn from this.

Amina Gabriel sent in a text about holding a prayer session in our homes,offices and business places 7am to mark the Obama victory.

Another friend,Chinenye called in from Lagos giving a vivid description of the frenzied celebration in her neighbourhood over the Obama victory.


My colleague,Emenike Ejekwu and I are up monitoring the US Presidential election results live on the net.From the latest Electoral College votes,Obama is leading McCain by 195 to 90.From projections,there are every indications that Obama is coasting to victory.Amina Gabriel,another of my colleague based in Lagos earlier told me that people have embarked on all night 'fasting and prayer sessions' for Obama to win this election.
Nigerians eagerly look forward to this new dawn...with hopes that one day a similar situation will happen in their country when an 'Obama' will be voted into power.This just sums up the enthusiasm being expressed far from the American centre stage.

Nov 4, 2008


Today,history beckons on America and Americans as they cast their votes in a historic Presidential election that pitches a charismatic and enigmatic Sen. Barack Obama against Sen. John McCain.Obama is the first African-American to have come this far in the US White House race.The odds are favouring him.The Americans has today to decide.
America and the world needs Obama,for a change.
Africa's democracy needs this inspirational effect and challenge.
Americans will decide.