Nov 5, 2008


My Phone has not stopped receiving text messages and calls since I unofficially assumed the role of a US Presidential Election monitor and announcing the news of Obama's victory to friends.Emenike and I are yet to catch any nap just to make sure we didn't miss out as history unravelled.

My ex-class mate,John Anaweokhai texted:Breaking news:America now wears a new look! Barack Obama elected d 44th president of America.

My Boss,Victor Kayode sent in this funny one:

.....And the

winner is...


KAYODE....Oh sorry,the winner is BARACK OBAMA.Welcome the 44TH American president.

Jude Agho,Professor of African Literature,Edo state University,Ekpoma sent in this one: This is a very monumental victory!Our country(Nigeria) should learn from this.

Amina Gabriel sent in a text about holding a prayer session in our homes,offices and business places 7am to mark the Obama victory.

Another friend,Chinenye called in from Lagos giving a vivid description of the frenzied celebration in her neighbourhood over the Obama victory.

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