Nov 27, 2008


Folks in theUS are marking Thanksgiving Holiday.They always have enough reasons for this.Against the backdrop of a global economic crisis,eclipsed by a historic presidential election,the Americans should be happy to grace their dining Tables with plenty of Turkeys.
In India,some mad,I mean very crazy, Terrorists are ripping Mumbai apart...definately this babaric act doesn't fit in at all.
At home here in Nigeria things are not just looking up for good.Hope is getting dimmer by the tickling of every second.This still won't stop us from being thankful to God.Being thankful is about keeping hope alive,with the firm belief that Nigeria go better.
Someday,we will have course to mark a Thanksgiving holiday here.



Happy thanksgiving to you!

Stay safe!

Buttercup said...

U r right. It shud actually be everyday. Happy thanksgiving!