Jul 24, 2008


What is really the problem with Nigeria? Why is it that things don't just seem to be moving forward for good for us.Are we such a cursed nation? I am tempted to want to give in to the school of thought that strongly believes that a demonic cabal is happy holding us down. Bernad Malamud aptly summed up the Nigerian complexities in the following words: ''In a sick country,every effort to cure its sickness is an affront on those who profit from its illness.'' Is it not so disheartening that all the much talk about Millions and Billions of Naira allegedly being spent by the Government in only God knows what,the citizenry is yet to feel any of its impact.Darkness looms larger today than ever before.Our security is at the whims of armed criminals.The school Teachers have since gone on strike.No one up there seems bothered that the future of our Children are being toyed with. Where have we gone wrong? Is it a curse that our fore fathers and fathers had opted to be Nigerians on creation day? Should we still be expecting the Messiah(s) as our present generation of leaders have shamelessly and woefully failed us?



this is my first time here, and the issue you raise is one that millions have probably considered. I'm not sure if a workable answer/solution has been derived.

The only demons that hold sway over Nigeria, are Nigerians themselves. No one to blame but us. We have had the best opportunities to create a nation that should be a leading example for every human being, but we have failed.

Can we overcome this failure? Absolutely. Failure is simply an opportunity to revise the game plan and attack the problem(s) with a better and successful strategy. Why haven't we achieved this success? For the very reason you referred to with Malamud's quote - those who benefit from the status quo will protect it with everything they have.

That is basically the way of the world and it is not a new phenomenon. The issue, in my opinion, becomes when will the average Nigerian realize that they as a collection of individuals and interests can demand and work towards change that will benefit everyone and not just those that already are advantaged by the current status quo? I pray that that time will come sooner rather than later, because the Nigeria that I know, and the Nigeria I take pains to study does not have time to wait for the 'government' to make changes from the top to the bottom. Nigeria needs a bottom - up strategy that will likely be organic. It needs minds and psychology to change inorder to have a populace that engages in democracy and the decisions that will transform the country.

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Standtall said...

No, we are not cursed. We need to change our orientation and be ready to change. I see corrupton in all places. Even our young ones dont have good mentors. Hence the continuation of our problems. I have chosen not to join the bandwagon, I dare to be different and I challenge others to do same

Orikinla Osinachi. said...


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Cheers and God bless you always.