Aug 9, 2008


I have read conflicting reports on the success and failures of the last Thisday ''Africa rising' Festival in Washington DC.I just learnt that very soon some African/Nigerian eminent personalities will soon be hosting a Dinner/concert in Lagos tagged ''Yes,we can!''in support of the US Democratic presidential hopeful,Barack Obama.The dinner is aimed at raising funds to support the Obama quest.
If truth must be told,enough of all these embarrassing hypocrisies.Tell me-how has the two legged Thisday festival held both in Nigeria and Washington and third in the four festival planned,so far, helped the Nigerian,nay the African cause? If the aim of the festival was to promote and showcase Africa's progress and probably culture to the world then there is need for a rethink.This is nothing short of what Fela Anikulapo-Kuti will call 'colonial mentality'.I get real sick many times when I hear of events like ''World Igbo Congress'' holding in Washington DC,''Egbe Omo Oduduwa(Yoruba)World congress'' holding in Atalanta,Georgia,''Afenmai World Congress'' holding in Califonia and all that stuffs.How has all these 'American congress' jamborees' affected and impacted on their immediate Nigerian communities on whose instances they were being held?
And now the Obama Lagos dinner.This is one most ridiculous push at showmanship taken almost over the edge.Why are the organisers of this event not taking time to examine the myriad problems bedevilling their host country instead of shoring political and financial supports for a man who is million miles away from the realities on ground.But,think of this-Does Obama need Nigerians and Africans monies to win the white House race? Grow,Nigeria grow!!


bumight said...

there are some "world igbo congresses" and "egbe omo oduduwa" meetings, that actually have an effect on Nigeria. A lot of these groups do work like mission trips to places in Nigeria. However the Obama dinner in Nigeria is just taking things too far. I think the Nigerians involved are just trying to feel among.

Standtall said...

Bumight is right to some extent. But my take on this is that we like "owambe" too much for Niaja. I have seen it and it seems to be the only thing majority of our peeps are passionate about!!! Crying shame!!!

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

The scandal is being probed by the EFCC.

Senator Barack Obama has nothing to do with the "Africa for Obama" get rich quick scheme of the Nigerian opportunists.

God help Nigeria.