Aug 15, 2008


It was an excited me yelling out over the Phone to my colleague,Emenike Ejekwu :''Meniks,I found him! I found him!!''. From the way He threw back the''Who? Who?...''response on the other end of the Phone,I knew he was caught off guards by my exclamation.''Alozie Ogbubuaja!..Alozie Ogugbuaja!!...'' I replied.''Where did you find him?'' ''On The Sun''!
Just some days before that Sunday during a discussion in the office I had thrown a question for which I wasn't expecting an answer because I have asked the same questions several times with no one giving me any answer-''Where is Alozie Ogugbuaja? '' I had boasted to some colleagues during a recent discussion on ''Corruption,crime and the Nigerian Police Force'' that it was only when someone like Ogugbuaja was made the Inspector General of the Police force that all those vices that has come to be associated with the Police force would be eradicated.On an earlier disscussion sometimes back,I had suggested that if someone like Ogugbaja were to be made the chief negotiator in the Niger Delta crisis,then consider the problem solved.
Reading through Ogugbuaja's interview in The Sun gave an insigt into the pains and frustration the man has been living with since his unceremonious exit from the Police force in 1992.Here was a man who was excellent symbol of the Nigerian Police force,whose passion for the police job was deep hearted;whose love for the fatherland was well beyond words.Alozie wanted to revolutionalize the Nigerian Police force and make it people oriented.He wanted a police that was responsive to the yearnings of the Nigerian people.He felt disgusted with the way the Nigerian government neglected the police.I remember Alozie penning a regular column about the police force in the defunct ''Sunday Times''. I remember how he was once reported to have confronted a rioting mob at the University of Lagos,during one of the student's anti-government protest in the 90s armed with just a pen and nothing more.He was such a daring officer.He exhibited this as the Force's PRO.The authorities instead of utilizing the potentials of this rare officer to transform the Nigeria Police made a sport in frustrating him out.And too painful the Nigerian state and her police have never been better off.I admire Alozie's guts and hopes fo the fatherland.
Alozie Ogugbuaja sums up this hope in the following words:
''I am proud being an African,I am also proud being a Nigerian because,maybe,God wants to use us to transform Nigeria to attain the nation of our dream.But precisely,Nigeria is not what it should be,the state of the nation is very bad...I see Nigeria as a challange to be conquered.I am not happy with what is happeninig.''

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Orikinla Osinachi. said...

I have forgotten about him until your post reminded me.