Aug 24, 2008


Hmm. We lost the Olympics football Gold medal.Our heads are held high.It wasn't a bad one at that. I am only ashamed that for all the millions of Naira spent to get us in and out of Beijing,a Silver and some two Bronze medals were all our Athlethes could lay their hands on.Not their fault though.Blame it on those who pretend to be running sports in this country.We know quite well that these fellows are more interested in running huge funds meant for sports development into their private pockets.

The Nigeria's disastrous show of shame at Beijing is the result any nation will get if she refuses to develop her sporting potentials.How come Nigerians who have nationalized are excelling for their various adopted countries,whereas when they were representing Nigeria it wasn't so?We knew Beijing 2008 was a disaster waiting to be because there was no adequate preparation.Why wasting all that funds that could have been injected into something more beneficial to the generality of the citizens instead of embarking on a jamborical wild goose chase for the mandated eight gold medals?Once in a while,we need to tell our selves some hard truth.
We have to go back to develop sports from the grassroots or we stop partaking in international games of the Olympics magnitude to avoid further embarrassment.The time to start is now! For all the Nigerian Athlethes who braved official corruption and intrigues to represent their fatherland in Beijing,Well done.Keep your heads high

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chetablog said...

We all know that the money never ever gets to the people that it is supposed to get to. There are officials getting fatter and fatter while the athletes languish. They are the one that should be ashamed. I hope they all choke to a shameful demise