Dec 13, 2009


I am so full of pity for Tiger Woods,since he was caught by the tail of his bedmatics Tees.I just feel that we are being too quick to kill this Tiger.A case of casting the first stone,brothers? The guy was only being hu-MAN. Huh? Seriously,I think if we end up killing this Tiger,we just won't have another Tiger of this make again in the golf course anywhere in the world. Painfully,the guy has said he is taking a break off Golf.But,will it still be the same again when he decides to return? Don't think so.


Henrique Abrantes said...

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StandTall-The Activist said...

i think he needs time to sort out this issue with his family. I believe he wants to get this sorted out b4 going back to golf. Chris brown is still haveing difficulty having his new album sold cuz of the issue with Rihanna and I was thinking how a lot of men have cheated their wives or beaten them in my county without facing this kind of mess.

I hope things will look up for women in Nigeria and I hope tiger will get himself sorted out.

Elean John said...

Forget the African women beatings in this case. I hate raising my hand on a woman but they should as well learn to be less aggressive physically and verbally. Most times they are the ones to hit you first and call your mama names.