Aug 22, 2009


Will Caster still have the last laugh?
Too masculine for a lady?
Caster..built for controversy?

Caster...with her school mates

Caster's birth certificate

''No one ever said I was not a girl,but here (in Berlin) I am not.I am not a boy.Why did you bring me here? You should have left me in my village at home.''
-Semenya Caster
''There is something dangling between her legs-thats obvious-and shes got an Adam apple.''
-An unamed Australian sports officer
''From the time she could walk,Caster only wanted to play with boys,Her three elder sisters wore dresses as little girls do,but Caster refused.She has never had a skirt,only trousers.
I knew she was different to the others and even now if you speak to her on the telephone,you might mistake her for a man.But I used to change her nappy and I know she is a woman.What better proof do people need?''
-Jacob Semanya (Caster's father)
''She never had a boyfriend.She doesn't like boys.But that doesn't mean she is not a girl.''
-Deborah Morolong (Caster's best childhood friend)
''Some schools,suspecting that she was not a girl,even demanded that her status be checked.But each time they returned from the toilet,she would be cleared...we would ask her why they had taken her to the toilet and she would just say ''they are doubting me'',without explaining further.''
-Moloko Rapetsoa (Caster's school teacher)
''She comes from me.I gave birth to that girl,she came from my womb..its my girl.''
-Dorcus Semenya (Caster's Mother)



Okay, let me be honest, I think it is a disgrace that sports bodies continue to entertain such nonsense. Really. So, she's not feminine looking enough? For who? I just read that the SA sports association is refusing to check her sexuality and I agree with their points. It is good that they are standing up for her.

Now, may I also present a recent news event (form about a month ago) where Nigeria, VOLUNTARILY, told the world it would do MRI scans on all U-17 players just to make FIFA and all other critics happy that our players are indeed as old as we say they are. Why are we selling ourselves and these boys under the bus? Because the world refuses to believe that our players are under 17? Because we agree with what many think about us - that Nigerians are liars and cheats? Well, legally, I would never have volunteered to do so, because that opens the door for more questions and will put us in a position where we are constantly required to defend our word. But at the end of the day, we will see if those MRI scans will make a difference. SA's sports association understands that whether they 'prove' Caster to be a girl or not, the questions will continue because of the biases that exist and have chosen, correctly (in my opinion) to not do so. More power to them. Better to stand up for what you believe than be backed into a corner at every turn.

Anyway, how far?

Myne Whitman said...

Her testosterone is already against her, but don't like the timing sha. There is the Androgene syndrome which she may have wondering how the IAAF and all other global sports bodies will enforce such going forward.

StandTall-The Activist said...

SSD has said it all and I just wonder how the world conceive and fix the idea of how a woman or a man should look and behave.