Jul 12, 2009


Madonna with Mercy and David in Paris recently

David and Mercy James

Remember the controversies that almost stopped pop Icon,Madonna from adopting those children from Malawi? I have followed the lives of these kids with so much keen interest since they moved in with Madonna and I know their lives just couldn't have been better off for it.Seeing a recent picture of the two kids in an outing in Paris I just concluded that these kids were destined by God to escape the tragedy that life in Malawi would have unleashed on them.For Mercy James,it is quite true that some few months back getting to eat a nice meal at the orphanage where she was kept in Malawi was almost a mere wish.But today,this little kid is having the entire woprld at her finger tip.This speaks so much of the ways of God.You just never know what He has in stock for you next moment.
Keep the faith.

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