Oct 10, 2008


''When you see a King,you will see all the paraphernalia of office around him.This is just one of them...A small boy can not use this car.'' Nigeria's fuji music act,Abass Akande Obesere was boasting about his recent acquisition of a Limousine car which he claimed cost 70 million Naira.He even added that the N70 Million is only a chicken change to him.I am not quarelling with his success,but I am outraged by his motive.He is all out to show off -the Nigerian 'I big pass you' style.This is quite ridiculous.I try to imagine what could be going on in the conscience of this 'super star' each time his Limo glides through the streets of Lagos,or wherever he resides,as many of his countrymen and fans who are being strangulated by gruelling poverty watches on in admiration (?).No doubt, acquiring a N70 Million Naira Limo is a great milestone,but imagine the result if such an amount (or even half of it) was invested in the lives of other people,either through setting up a business venture that will create jobs for the jobless or into some charitable ventures that will bring succour to many hearts.

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