Jan 15, 2008


Visited this New Kid on the blogg's post 'Gistmaster' www.niyitabity.blogspot.com, courtesy of the most hardworking lady on Naija bloggsphere,Linda Ikeji (www.lindaikeji.blogspot.com
). It was such a lovely experience.I was highly impressed.Niyi brings his wealth of experience over the years as a celebrity journalist and Paparazzi to play. The site which I proudly equates with so many of the foreign sites I regularly visits is so rich with an equal blend of Naija celebtrity gists and pictures.I was so overwhelmed with excitement that I sent him a text message,asking him to keep up the good work.He intantly replied me.Great guy!

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Anonymous said...

thanks,i got to the site too and i as quite overwhelmed.this guy is goood!thanks