Jan 28, 2009


Mrs Nkem and her mother at a press briefing in December 1998
The Houston's 'Octuplets' marking their tenth birthday recently

''Just Enjoy it.''

Those were the words of advise Mrs Nkem Chukwu sent out to the mother of the recently delivered octuplets at the Kaiser Permanente Bellflower Medical centre in Califonia.All eight babies-six boys and two girls are reported to be in good health.

Ten years ago,Nkem Chukwu,a Nigerian-American citizen,then 27-years-old,delivered eight babies-six girls and two boys, to become the mother of what was believed to be America's first live-born octoplets in St Luke's Episcopal Hospital,Houston,Texas.However,the smallest of the babies named Odera died some days later.All the kids were given traditional Igbo names.The seven surviving siblings recently celebrated their 10th birthday.


stuck in my throat o said...

hey...thanks for stopping by my blog...
The woman tried o...eight kids..


wow I heard this story on the news but had no clue they were nigerian. Best of luck to them.

StandTall-The Activist said...

And now we have another set of 8. I dont envy these women o

Anonymous said...

wow..........eight huh....and I thought I had it bad with my 4....lol

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

Prof. Akunyili would be delighted to see your post on her previous looks before the stress of her NAFDAC job. I hope she would excel in her new post.

Cheers and God bless.

yankeenaijababe said...


Too many kids, yepa!!! Almost thought it was a children party. She tried. The stress of having many kids, not even funny at all. Don't have kids yet but I want just 2 or 3. Nothing like 8 o.Have a fun Sunday.