Feb 10, 2009


Oluchi..back in september last year hanging on
Alive and kicking..Oluchi and her mom recently
A two-year old British girl of Nigerian parentage whose struggle for survival after she fell into a swimming pool where she spent about twenty minutes under water,was ruled as hopeless and impossible has stunned the medical world with her complete recovery and back to normal life form.

Last September,little Oluchi Nwaubani,now 3 accidentally fell into a family friend's swimming pool in Bromley,Kent,London where she was submerged for close to 20 minutes before help could reach her.By then she was as good as dead haven been starved of oxygen for so long.It takes about six minutes for the human brain to die,if it lacks oxygen and the heart only about ten minutes to stop working.

Oluchi's father,Junior Nwaubani who is a prison officer in London takes over the amazing story from here:

'For days afterwards all we were being told was that our daughter had virtually no chance of survival.Doctors were telling us she was never going to pull through because she had been under water for too long.If by miracle she did survive,she would be severely disabled and would have to be looked after all her life.

'Oluchi did not breath for three days after falling into the pool and before hand doctors had discussed with us the likelihood that she won't survive.They told us it might be better to turn off her life supporting machine but my wife and I are both Christians and we just prayed to God that she would pull through..The doctors said there was a faint pulse so we clung onto that.'

According to Oluchi's mum,Mrs Tayo Nwaubani,the immense support they received from friends and family members helped to see them through those tough times.She specifically mentioned members of the Cornerstone Christian Centre,Bromley who prayed for Oluchi and other well wishers who sent in text messages from 'far away as America and Germany.'


Afrobabe said...

wow...I suddenly have goose bumps...

Father we thank you...

mike said...

wow."let's start thanking God for what we have and stop complaining about what we you don't have". nice post

Anonymous said...

"wow.'let's start thanking God for what we have and stop complaining about what we you don't have'. nice post"

Yes! For starters, let's start thanking God for the ability to automatically slow down our metabolisms, enough to need lots less oxygen, when totally immersed in very cold water.


"...There have also been a string of cases documented in the US. Oluchi's case is put into perspective by that of Michelle Funk, who was also two when she was submerged in a cold Utah river for nearly 70 minutes in 1986.

Doctors published an article on her progress in 1988, by which time she had essentially returned to normal..."

It's amazing what capabilities the human body has been given! :)