Jan 25, 2009


The very moment I first sighted my idol, Prof. Patrick Okedikachi Utomi at the venue of the 2009 Ahiajoku Lecture in Owerri,I was overwhelmed with a mixed feeling of admiration and disappointment.Admiration of the noble achievements of this man and disapointment on how Nigeria has not benefitted from the enormous potentials and patriotic commitements of this man.
Right from when Prof Utomi indicated his interest in participating in the cenre-stage of Nigerian politics,I told all who cared to listen that if given the opportunity this is one man who has the sincere zeal and intellectual endowment to change the destiny of this country for good.
Even before Obama,Utomi was.But,like the biblical prophet, he is not honoured here.The corrupt political system here prefers to spring up crooks instead of patriots.The country and her citizens remain worse off for it.
It is our collective responsibility to confront and challenge this political rot that has bedevilled Nigeria and bring about the so much desired change. For this to happen,we must give the 'Obamas' in our midst a chance.
Prof. Pat Utomi..gird your loins,once again.Dust up My manifesto and Why we must restore Nigeria.
We must not fail!

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