Jan 1, 2009


Thank God we made it into the New Year.
Thank God My Blog is a year and a day old today.Hmmm,see how time flies!
Lots of thanks to all living in this space of ours called Bloggosphere.Sheer adventurism brought me into blogging.I have now found in it an unquencheable passion.These seems to be the very best moments.With an array of interesting Bloggers,varying in styles,contents and all that,I can't wish to be elsewhere.
I must confess that I am still a toddler here.Still learning to crawl the ropes.One good thing here is that you just keep learning and growing everyday.Even when you fall (oops!),you dust up and move on.Times there are,when like a lost kid in need of direction,you stand looking out for the next outstretched helping hands.Or like the proverbial Lizard that fell from the heights,you give yourself the part when nobody does.
As a Blogger,you must cross paths with or depend on other bloggers.You can't be in this space all alone.There have been some real nice Bloggers who have given me all the support and encouragement to get to this point.I am greatly motivated by the encouragement I always get from this very special Angel in the form of Standtall-The Activist.She is such a great inspiration not just to me but to a whole lot of us here.For this and so much more I say: THANKS!!!
Year 2009 is going to be a much exciting experience.

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Afrobabe said...

Our very own activist has been of great help eh...why am i not surprised? lol..

You seem to be doing good babes...