May 14, 2008


Oh my God! I have been out of Blogging for over a month.Never my intention.Some internet Server related problems kept me incommunicado.I really missed not doing this blogging thing all this while.I am just hoping that nothing will ever keep me off again.

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Orikinla Osinachi. said...

Gosh my guy!
Blogging is not a thing!
Blogging is the live wire of the human consciousness online.

Blogging is now the best tool of mass communication. It is better than reading a newspaper that is soon put away or thrown into the waste basket.

Imagine that NAIJA PIKIN is a column in a major daily newspaper to react and interact with people, places and incidents or events in Nigeria and the rest of the world.


Cheers and God bless.

Even a NAIJA PIKIN face-cap or T-Shirt will be proudly appreciated by Nigerians everywhere in the world.