May 25, 2008


Come May 29th,Nigeria and her politicians will be clinking glasses in celebration of Democracy Day.The politicians, and not the generality of the citizens, have every reason to celebrate. Democracy in Nigerian context means the transformation of elected and selected public servants into mega millionaires at the expense of the yearnings of the masses.Nigerians just keep asking if our own brand of Democracy is not a curse.We have gropped in the dark for so long and right to this point we have not made a headway.The greatest enemy and obstacle to the much mouted 'dividends of Democracy' is corruption.Official corruption is holding Nigeria back.Monies that ought to have been used to provide and develop basic infrastructures find their ways into individual pockets and nobody gives a damn. Nothing happens.The average Nigerian is heavily weighed down by the burden imposed on him by inept and selfish leadership.As our political office holders get set to celebrate another 'Democracy Day' which will be characterised by self congratulatory speeches and squandering of the commonwealth even when it is so glaring that such acclaimed achievements are lies,let them spare a moment to reflect on these words of Anne Paton:
''...I see only one hope for
our country and that is when....
men..desiring neither power nor
money,but desiring only the good
of their country come together to work for it ''

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Orikinla Osinachi. said...

Only the humble obedience to the Word of God can save Nigeria from sinking deeper in the murky waters of the deep sea of corruption.

If only the Nigerian political contractors will repent and become true democratic reperesntatives of the electorate who gave them the mandate to serve and not to abuse and misuse the legislative powers of the state.

Cheers and God bless.