May 17, 2008


On thursday afternoon I received an SMS about a pipeline explosion in Ijegun area of Lagos.I couln't help exclaiming 'pipeline explosion again!'After all the series of fuel related tragedies and carnages,I thought we have had the last of this horrible tradgedy.What is most disturbing is that everyday,we see disasters just waiting to happen.Nothing is done about them,both before and after such incidents.Even God knows that our roads and airspacec are death knells only waiting to be sounded.Our emergency responses are as ridiculous as no body gives a damn.When will human life gets it deserved worth in Nigeria?After today,the Ijegun disaster is swept to the back page.We await another disaster to happen.The same cycle is followed.God,Nigeria is sick!


Sting said...

It's really sad.

Pink-satin said...

sad thing!!there is no respect for human life in is such a shame