Sep 9, 2008


Just learnt that the Morocan authorities have slammed another Blogger into the jail house for daring to criticize Morocco's King Mohammed IV.Mohammed Erraji had expressed displeasure over what he percieved as the King's reckless display of generosity towards the citizens,which in turn was making them lazy and dependent on these ' donations and gifts' thus eroding the dignity of the ordinary Moroccans.He suggested in his Blog posting that ''the state should provide decent means of livelihood for its citizens rather than humiliating them in this shameful manner.'' For a system that has zero tolerance for criticism,Erraji was subsequently arrested,last Friday.On Monday he was taken to court where he was sentenced to 2-years imprisonment and a fine of 5,000 Dirham.Erraji is the second Blogger that will be arrested and sentenced by the Moroccan authorities this year for writing things considered as blasphemy about King Mohammed VI.Early this year,Fouad Mourtada was arrested for creating a facebook profile of the King.There were international condemnations and protests in some major cities of the world.The Moroccan authorities bowed to pressure by releasing Fouad.Will they do the same for Erraji?

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Standtall said...

Whatever happened to freedom of speech?