Oct 4, 2010


It drives me mad that you want to rule Nigeria and you are busy championing sectional cause over national cause. IBB,truth must be told: You killed this our beloved country in 1985 when you overthrew Buhari/Idiagbon and opened up the floodgates of all the evil that has beset us as a nation.Most painful was JUNE 12 annulment. Do you know how many people who died from that single error of judgment of yours.Let me tell you,my father who was a diehard patriot of this once beloved nation,died years later when he was unable to find answers to why you had to annul such a free and fair elections won by Chief MKO Abiola. In June 93,you almost broke up this country. You really wanted to,as you stubbornly held on to power,but for providence and 'peoples power'.I expected you to at this stage of your life to be playing the role of an elder statesman to ease the pains of that wicked act of yours in 1993 and at the same time be at the forefront of championing a charity in honour of your late wife Mariam and humanity in general.
Sir,what is it that you want to offer this country that you couldn't offer when you held sway for 8 years? If you so love the North as you are championing,why dont you throw your support behind a young dynamic and visionary candidates like Nuhu Ribadu,El Rufai or even encourage Maj (Rtd) Abubakar Umar to take a notch at the presidency? What makes you think that you are the Messiah for the North? IBB,you and I know so well that all those guys drumming for you are only doing that for what they will get from you. If they love you so much,they will tell you the truth and only the truth-You don't need to heat up the polity.
Take a bow!

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