Mar 27, 2009


Mercy James..soon to be adopted by Madonna

Madonna and David Banda

...An African child..waiting for the next Celebrity adoption

Music diva,legend and mum-extraordinaire,Madonna is heading back to Malawi to adopt a 14-month old baby girl named Mercy James,who is an orphan in the Mchunji Home of Hope Orphanage.

In 2006,Madonna adopted then 11 months-old David Banda.Ever since,the little boy have been enjoying a good life in New York,far from the maddening poverty fate would have subjected him to if Madge hadn't reached out to alter his destiny.I honestly commend Madonna for her kind-heartedness.
Madonna is facing a lot of opposition and criticisms from Children charities and adoption groups both from and outside Malawi, since her recent adoption plans were made public. Maxwell Matewerere of the Malawian rights group,'Eye of the child' seems most vocal.According to him:

''In the absence of a husband,it is important to properly access the scenario.She really needs to demonstrate...that despite her being a single mother she has got a capacity to care for the child she is trying to adopt.'' Andrew Cate of SOS Villages laments that 'for the cost of bringing up this child (Mercy) in Madonna's lifestyle,you could pay for 50 children in Malawi to have a secure upbringing and a nice home..'

Madonna is expected to be in Malawi on March 30th to complete the adoption process. In most typical African settings,growing up as a child could be really harrowing.Poverty and civil strifes are the order of the day.Corrupt leaders who have long lost their conscience are not bothered by the plight of the African child.Today,the African child looks up to no future as there is barely none to look up to.If truth must be told,a lot of Africa parents will willingly give up their entire families for adoption to the likes of Madonna and Angelina Jolie,if only to ease them of the harsh realities of raising these kids in the face of gruelling poverty,political crisis and corruption.There have been cases where parents have been forced to sell one of their child just to enable them cater for the rest or give them out as House-helps to strangers in order to keep life going.

So,when Western celebrities like Madonna and Angelina Jolie give some of these African kids a new lease of life through adoption,they must be highly commended and encouraged.


scarletboy said...

i wonder why no foreign artiste has come to nigeria to adopt any kid? i mean, we have good kids over here in need of some TLC, ehn someone should break the jink. waiting...........................

scarletboy said...

sorry, jinx


lol@ scarletboy. Well good for Madonna, Mercy and whoever else this choice will have an impact on. I hope it all works out for the better.