Mar 1, 2009


''It makes you angry when you hear that billions of dollars are siphoned by corrupt government officials who are getting filthy rich at the expense of native Nigerians who are starving, can’t get drinking water and don’t even have basic toilet facilities.Your heart hurts for your family and friends back home, who are oppressed, miserable and poverty stricken under tyrannical rule despite being surrounded by rich oil resources.You cringe with guilt for having the benefit of a good education and a comfortable life while your countrymen live in shanties, can’t learn to read, can’t leave and don’t have a decent road on which to travel.It makes you ache to think you might never step foot again in the country you love and call home.The problems and government in Nigeria seem so insurmountable, far away and massive in scope, you feel utterly powerless to do anything.We can make a differenceBut you are not powerless. You are not alone. You can do more than talk. You can inspire change. Peacefully. And who else other than us will have the passion to inspire such change?

Your Participation Counts .Absolutely nothing you have ever done or will ever do in your entire life will mean more to you than this.

Check out how you can get involved and ensure a better Nigeria here.''

Special thanks to Kwasi Akweapong of The Blacklist Pub who sent the above piece to me.

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yankeenaijababe said...

Wow!!! Our corrupt leaders in Nigeria and the rest of the world all need to read this post. I am off to check the site out you listed. Corruption is a big disease that kills Nigerian leaders.